Around the League: Capturing Prospects and the Chicago White Sox (2023)

The Chicago White Sox were linked to the Oakland A's catcher early in the offseason.Sean Murphy, which was a reminder that the receiving position for serious playoff contenders remains at the top.

Yasmani GrandalHe is in the last year of the most expensive contract in White Sox history. Grandal severely underperformed in 2022 and at 34 his future with the organization is in question.Seby ZavalaHe played in 61 games and was the team's main receiver last season. If either of you needs to be replaced due to injury or poor performance,Carlo PerezHe's become a viable backup, although he hasn't proven himself at the major league level.

With all three of the above players scheduled for next season and several other positions in need of improvement, adding a long-term fix at the receiver seems like a luxury the team can't afford.

To make matters worse, there are hardly any potential customers in the White Sox's farm system. After Pérez, 18th-round pick in the 2021 draftAdam HackenbergHe is the best receiver in the system. After a stellar start at Kannapolis in 2021, Hackenberg's numbers dwindled in the higher levels of minors in 2022. It will take him a few more seasons to get his racquet to catch up to his defense before he is considered a starting caliber catcher majors. league level.

Given these circumstances, it appears the White Sox will have to exit the organization to find their starting catcher by 2024. If the price is too high for a current major league, is adding a prospect part of the game as part of a larger deal? the equation? Join me as I sift through the MLB pipeline's top catch odds to find a potential match for the White Sox.

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Francisco Alvarez, New Yorker Mets

The MLB Pipeline ranked No. 1 overall prospect jumped from Double-A to the majors in 2022 and made a five-game switch to the Mets late in the season. His tremendous power was shown when he hit a home run in the penultimate game of the season. Given that Álvarez is one of the hottest offensive prospects in the minor leagues, the Mets are unlikely to part ways with him even if his defensive skills are still developing.

Diego Cartaya, Los Angeles Dodgers

The Venezuelan catcher is among the top 10 prospects in the MLB pipeline standings. Cartaya is another power hitter and is completely focused on the plate. It has power in all fields and ability to work counts. Unlike most offensive receivers, Cartaya shows defensive potential with good hands and a capable throwing arm. The 6'3-inch backup plays most of the season at High-A and is a year or two away from the majors.

Although the Dodgers are positioned behind the plate withWill SmithIt will be difficult to get him away from Los Angeles in the years to come. Even if the Dodgers are willing to trade him, the price could be unattainable for the White Sox.

Henry Davis, Pittsburgh Pirates

The 2021 draft pick features a power bat and throwing arm. After breaking through High-A, Davis struggled at Double-A Altoona, hitting .207/.324/.379 in 136 plate appearances at that level. He left with an 8.8% pace and a 22.1 strikeout rate, both indicators of future success. He's shown himself defensively enough to project himself into a major league-caliber catcher. Given the pirates' eternal status, Davis stays where he is.

Kevin Parada, New Yorker Mets

Georgia Tech's 11th pick in the 2022 draft is intended to be a midrange hitter with the ability to hit average and produce long balls. Parada is predicted to be an average defender who needs to improve both his arm strength and accuracy.

Given Alvarez's presence and questions about Parada's defense, the Mets could be ready to trade him. A $5 million signing bonus and draft status make that less likely.

blunt drawn, Rocky Mountains Colorados

The first round of 2020 is characterized by excellent defensive skills. He has the athleticism and agility to pitch in the dirt and a strong arm with a quick pitch that makes base stealers nervous. After a strong 2021 at Class-A with the racquet, Romo fell away at High-A the following year. High contact rates and the ability to hit from both sides of the plate to go along with his raw power give him premier league potential.

The Rockies always seem ready to act, but given the current catch situation in Denver, they might want to see how Romo's development pans out.

Logan O´Hoppe, Los Angeles Engel

O'Hoppe was acquired in a deal with Philadelphia on the 2022 deadline and appears set for a major league deployment in 2023. The other catchers on the Anaheim MLB roster team recorded a negative WAR in 2022. The Player The 22-year-old from West Islip, NY will likely have a shot at earning the entry-level spring training job.

Harry Ford, Seattle Mariners

The 12th overall pick of the 2021 draft had a monster year in his first full pro season. Ford, playing for Class A Modesto, scored a wRC+ of 132 and hit out at a rate of 23% while walking a staggering 17.6% of the time. The 19-year-old from Georgia hit .274/.425/.439 while hitting 11 pitches from the park.

Receivers who post these kinds of offensive numbers are usually fighting defensively, but Ford is the exception that proves the rule. He's strong and agile with enough speed to play at second base or midfield when he's not there as a catcher. Combine his offensive power with defensive versatility and it will take overwhelming supply to steer him away from Seattle.

bo naylor, Guardian of Cleveland

The 2018 Guardians first round pick is a fast start machine and power hit machine, scoring an ISO of 0.257 and a wRC+ of 131 at Triple-A in 2022. He also has good touch and walk ratings, which earned him five games in Cleveland in 2022. He's solid enough behind the plate to have White Sox fans sweating about his future arrival at AL Central.

Austin Wells, New York Yankees

Austin Wells was recruited to his racquet and he didn't disappoint. A .218 ISO and .360 OBP in 247 plate appearances at Double-A will turn heads. His strikeout and walk rates are also good. If that's not enough to pique your interest, Wells is left-handed.

Wells will likely need to find another defensive position if he wants to play in the Big Apple. He has a below-average arm and has allowed 16 passes in 70 games. Even if the Yankees are ready to trade a left-handed power hitter, the first round of 2020 doesn't seem like the answer to catchers for the White Sox.

andy rodriguez, Pittsburgh Pirates

Rodríguez, signed as an international free agent in July 2018, hit cover in 138 plate appearances at the Double-A level in 2022. The switch hitter hit .356/.442/.678 with a wRC+ of 199 and a % strike rate. In a six-game season at Triple-A, he posted a .318 ISO and dropped his strikeout rate to 13%, although a .474 BABIP cools those numbers a bit.

Rodriguez is great behind the plate and versatile enough to play outfield and first base. Would the pirates find him expendable if Henry Davis was already in the herd? And at what price? Rick Hahn should find out if he hasn't already.

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Did you find someone you like on this list? Is the player reachable? Do the White Sox have the resources to acquire them? Should they spend player capital on it? When? In the off-season? At the change deadline? Next off-season? Or should they wait for a proven major league and pick someone from the first five rounds of the 2023 draft? Maybe both? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below and start the dialogue.

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