Cost of Hiring a Teenager on State Farm Car Insurance in 2023 (2023)

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costs approx$1,472 per yearper year to add a teenager to State Farm's auto insurance. State Farm typically charges less than the average car insurer to add a teenage driver to a parent's car insurance. However, the exact amount of your insurance increase will depend on several factors, including the state you live in, the age of the added teen, and your driving history.

Cost of Adding a Teenager to State Farm Car Insurance Compared to the Competition


Cost of adding a teenager


$1,472 per year


$1,193 per year


$1,350 per year

Hartford Day

$1,432 per year


$1,538 per year


$1,629 per year

Note: Prices are an approximation based on a 45 year old married male with a teenager in the family. Actual prices vary.

Fortunately, State Farm offers several discounts for teen drivers, including out-of-school student discounts, nice student discounts, and driver discounts - which can help you maximize your savings.

State Farm discounts for young drivers

  • Student Absence Discount
  • Good discount for students
  • Steer Clear®-Rabatt
  • Discount on Defensive Driving Course

Finally, it's important to note that once your teenager is added to your policy, your premiums will depend in part on your driving habits. For example, if your teenager is involved in an accident, premiums will increase for everyone on the policy.

To learn more, check out WalletHubGuide to the best car insurance for teens and young drivers.

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People also ask

How do I get State Farm young driver discounts?

State Farm offers several discounts for young drivers, including a nice student discount, a driver discount, and an in-school student discount. Young drivers may also qualify for other State Farm discounts available to drivers of all ages.

State Farm Teen Discounts

  • intestinestudent discount:read the full answerIf your teen gets good grades, you can saveup to 25%on your auto insurance policy, and the savings can last until your child turns 25.
  • Discount on driving training:If all drivers of your vehicle under the age of 21 follow an approved driving school course, you may be entitled to a reduction.
  • Absent Student at Rabatt School:If a driver under the age of 25 is at school and does not drive home during school holidays or only uses the car in accordance with the policy, you may be eligible for a reduction.
  • Discounts for safe driving habits:When a young or inexperienced driver participates in the State Farm Steer Clear orprograms, you may qualify for a discount.

Getting State Farm young driver concessions is easy as long as a qualified driver is listed on the auto insurance policy. Simply contact State Farm to ensure you or a teen listed on your policy meets the eligibility requirements, which vary by discount and state, and fulfills all requirements such as submitting certificates or proof of completion of a program. Finally, confirm that the correct teen driver discounts are being applied to your auto insurance bill.

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Does State Farm offer insurance for new drivers?

Yes, State Farm offers insurance for new drivers, including teenagers and seniors with no previous driving experience. State Farm insurance rates for new drivers are calculated the same way as for all other drivers: taking into account the customer's selection of coverage, their vehicle and their personal information. However, insurance premiumsfor new drivers they tend to be more expensive than for more experienced drivers, as insurers consider new drivers to be more the full answer

To help new drivers keep their first rewards affordable, State Farm offers a variety of new driversdiscounts. These include a nice student discount, an absent-from-school student discount, the Steer Clear discount, and the Drive Safe & Save discount. Steer Clear is a safe driving training program for teens and young adults, while Drive Safe & Save is a telematics program that rewards safe driving habits over time. Whether you're a new driver or looking to add an inexperienced driver to your policy, it's important to take advantage of these discount options.

State Farm Insurance Cost for New Drivers

To alter

average premium


$ 2.258


1.990 $


1.868 $

To give you an idea of ​​how much a new driver pays at some of the nation's largest insurers, including State Farm, WalletHub calculated the average annual premium for new drivers (ages 16-18) in California.

  • Bezirksbauernhof: 2.039 $
  • reciprocal freedom: 2.262 $
  • Progressive: 1.957 $
  • Allstate: 2.642 $
  • geiko: 3.142 $

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Do I need to include my teenager on my car insurance?

Yes, you will likely need to add your teen to your auto insurance once he gets his license and starts driving. Some states — including Illinois, Indiana, Maryland and others — allow insurers to require customers to list a teen driver on their policy when the teen receives the policy.a learner's permit. However, different insurers differ on when you should start the full answer

The bottom line is that you must inform your insurance company before your teen gets provisional permission. While most companies will start to cover your teen, they will typically not charge additional costs at this point, as mandatory adult supervision makes your teen less of a risk. Additional premiums will apply to your teen when they are fully licensed or turn 18, whichever occurs first.

Please note, however, that this does not apply to all companies in all states. It's important to ask your insurance company if, in addition to adding your teenagers, you'll also need to pay premiums for them once they're approved.

The average cost of adding a teen driver to your family insurance is about $225 a month. However, it's a bad idea to try to hide your teen from your insurance company just to save on those expenses. Your insurer will likely find out anyway. For example, you may have listed your young children on your original application. Insurers also receive reports detailing residents at their address and regularly review information from the Department of Motor Vehicles. If your insurance company doesn't find out about your teen driver until he's in an accident, that could be a big problem. Some companies will forgive you. Others refuse to pay the claim or charge back any premiums you haven't paid since your teen got the license.

If you don't want to add a teenager to your policy, you can have them buy their own. It costs about twice as much, but it protects the family fortune from liability if your teenager causes an accident. If your teen moves away from home (except for school), he'll need his own policy anyway.

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