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The Philadelphia Phillies were one of the most dominant teams in baseball in the early 1980s. Led by superstars like Mike Schmidt, Pete Rose and Garry Maddox, the Phillies won two National League East titles, two National League pennants and a World Series title.

The team's success was due in part to its deep lineup and outstanding pitching staff. Take a look at the 1980 Phillies roster and see how they dominated the competition.

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The 1980 Phillies roster featured a variety of talented players, including Pete Rose. Rose, who served primarily as the team's first baseman, played in all 162 games and had 655 at-bats. His performance resulted in 95 runs, 185 hits, 42 doubles and a triple. He maintained a .282 batting average and hit 1 home run with 64 RBIs.

In addition to his prowess at the plate, Rose also added 12 stolen bases to his impressive season stats. Known as "Charlie Hustle," Rose brought determination and energy to every game, making him a valuable addition to the Phillies' roster in 1980.

mike schmidt

A standout player on the 1980 Phillies' roster was third baseman Mike Schmidt. In 150 games he had 548 at-bats and a total of 104 runs. He amassed 157 hits, including 25 doubles and 8 triples, for a .286 batting average. Perhaps most impressive, Schmidt hit 48 home runs and drove in 121 carries. He also stole 12 bases on the season.

Overall, Schmidt's dominating performance on record helped fuel that.Phillies to victory in the World Seriesthis year. His contributions on the field were critical to his success and cemented his reputation as one of the greatest players in Phillies history.

Larry Bowa

Among the 1980 Phillies, shortstop Larry Bowa was noted for his base-stealing and defensive abilities. In 147 games, he had 21 stolen bases and 144 hits in 540 at-bats, adding to the team's overall success. His .267 batting average may not seem impressive at first, but it really stands out compared to his 2 home runs and 16 doubles.

Bowa's consistent presence at shortstop helped the Phillies secure their World Series victory that year. Overall, his performance on the field was valuable to the team's success during the 1980 season.

garry maddox

Garry Maddox had a solid season as the team's midfielder, appearing in 143 games and hitting 549. He scored 59 runs and collected 142 hits, including 31 doubles and three triples. His batting average was .259, with 11 home runs and 73 RBIs.

Maddox also showed his speed on the base paths with 25 stolen bases. Overall, his contributions helped underpin the team's success throughout the season.

bob boone

The 1980 Phillies roster included catcher Bob Boone, who played a total of 141 games that year. In 480 at-bats, he connected on 34 carries and had 110 hits, including 23 doubles and a triple. His batting average was .229, with 9 home runs and 55 RBIs. Boone also had 3 stolen bases during the 1980 season.

Manny Trillo

During the 1980 season, Manny Trillo was a constant presence at second base for the Philadelphia Phillies. In 141 games he scored 155 goals, including 25 doubles and 9 triples. His batting average for the season was .292, with 7 home runs and 43 RBIs. Trillo also stole 8 bases throughout the season.

Although not known for his hitting power, Trillo was a reliable hitter and defensive player who helped anchor the Phillies' infield. He played a major role in his eventual successful run to the World Series that year. Overall, Trillo's contributions were critical to the team's success in 1980.

Hornear McBride

The 1980 roster included outfielder Bake McBride, who played in 137 games that season. In 554 at-bats he amassed 171 hits, including 33 doubles and 10 triples. His batting average for the year was a respectable .309, with 9 home runs and 87 RBIs. McBride also stole 13 bases over the course of the season.

Overall, his contributions helped the Phillies win their first World Series title in franchise history. Today, he remains a favorite among Phillies fans for his contributions to their historic 1980 victory.

Gregorio Luzinski

The 1980 Phillies roster had several standout players, including Greg Luzinski in left field. During the 106 games he played that season, Luzinski had 368 at-bats and produced 44 runs, 84 hits and 19 doubles. He hit a triple and had a .228 batting average, with 19 home runs and 56 RBIs. He also managed to steal 3 bases during the season.

While those numbers may not seem impressive by today's standards, they were solid contributors to the Phillies' lineup during their World Series run that year. Overall, Luzinski was an integral part of the 1980 championship team and will always be remembered as a beloved member of Phillies history.


In the 1980 season, the Philadelphia Phillies had a powerful pitching roster. Led by legendary player Steve Carlton, the team also included young talents Dick Ruthven and Bob Walk.

The bullpen was also solid, with Tug McGraw and Ron Reed whose efforts resulted in 29 total saves. Lesser-known player Dickie Noles also contributed to the team's success with six saves in 48 games. Overall, the 1980 Phillies' pitching roster proved to be the dominant force in their division.

steve carlton

The 1980 Phillies roster featured impressive talent, particularly in the pitching department. One standout player was Steve Carlton, who played 38 total games that year and pitched 304 innings. With 24 wins and just 9 losses, he had a 2.34 ERA and 286 strikeouts.

Known as a "lefty" for his left-handed pitching abilities, Carlton's performance helped the Phillies win the World Series that year. He also won the Cy Young Award. The 1980 Phillies' roster may have been strong overall, but it's clear that Steve Carlton was a standout player that season.

dick ruthven

The pitching staff included a talented young Dick Ruthven, who played 33 games that year and pitched 223.1 innings. He had a total of 17 wins and 10 losses with a 3.55 ERA and 86 strikeouts.

While he wasn't the only notable pitcher on the roster, Ruthven played a pivotal role in leading the Phillies to their World Series victory that year. While his career with the Phillies may not have been as illustrious as his teammate's, Ruthven's contributions during the 1980 season were invaluable to his eventual success.

bob walk

Bob Walk played 27 games this season for a total of 151.2 innings. He finished with 11 wins and 7 losses and had a 4.57 ERA. In those games, Walk was able to rack up 94 strikeouts. Still, Walk was a valued member of the Phillies' 1980 roster and contributed to his success that season.

transportista mcgraw

Tug McGraw appeared in 57 games and his 92.1 innings were very effective with a 1.46 ERA and 75 strikeouts. McGraw's performance earned him 20 saves on the season and he was a consistent and reliable presence on the mound during the Phillies' 1980 season. His experience closing out games was a valuable asset to the team as they battled for a playoff spot.

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Ron Reed made 55 appearances on the mound and pitched 91.1 innings. While his record was seven wins and five losses, Reed was a valuable bullpen presence with nine saves. His ERA for the season was 4.04 and he struck out nine. As an assistant, Reed played a critical role in providing depth to the Phillies' pitching staff and helping them win their first World Series title in franchise history.

dickie noles

During the 1980 season, Noles played in 48 games and pitched 81 innings, recording 57 strikeouts and 6 saves. Despite a rather modest 1-4 win-loss record, his ERA was a solid 3.89. While Noles may not have been one of the standout players on the Phillies' pitching staff, his contributions were certainly valuable to the team's success this season.

His strong performance as a backup pitcher helped secure several wins for the Phillies and undoubtedly earned him the respect of his fellow players and coaches. Overall, Noles was a valued member of the Phillies' 1980 roster.

world series champions

The 1980 Phillies are a great example of how a deep lineup and great pitching staff can lead to success. With superstars like Mike Schmidt, Pete Rose, and Steve Carlton, the team was able to win the World Series.

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