Live scores and play-by-play from UFC on ESPN 42 (2023)

Live scores and play-by-play from UFC on ESPN 42 (1)

Danny Segura

December 4, 2022 1:37 pm ET

UFC on ESPN 42takes place on Saturday and you can be there live and see official results/

UFC on ESPN 42 takes place at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida. The map will air on ESPN and stream on ESPN+.

In the main event, two-time welterweight title challenger Stephen Thompson (16-6-1 MMA, 11-6-1 UFC) takes on Kevin Holland (23-8 MMA, 10-5 UFC). In the co-long, Bryan Barberena (18-8 MMA, 9-6 UFC) meets former lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos (31-14 MMA, 20-12 UFC) at 170 pounds.

Follow our round-by-round updates and official results from around 7 p.m. ET for prelims on ESPN/ESPN+ and at 10pm. ET to the main chart on ESPN/ESPN+.

To talk about the program, be sure to check out oursUFC on ESPN 42 discussion thread.

Enjoy the fights folks.

Yazmin Jauregui vs. Nunes Palast

Lap 1 – Jauregui presses Nunes here. No clean landing for either fighter. And Jauregui gets crushed! She jumps back and closes the distance. Looks like she's recovered. Good right followed by a kick to Jauregui's leg. Jauregui supports Nunes with powerful punches. Nunes joins a clean left. Two more minutes. Jauregui attempts a takedown, scores but Nunes soon recovers. Jauregui takes the pressure off, much less aggressively. And Jauregui turns and paralyzes Nunes with a big right hand. The bell rings.

MMA Junkie points Round 10-9, Nunes.

Lap 2 – Good kicks from Jauregui at the start. Big right hand from Jauregui! Now Jauregui drops Nunes! Nunes closes the gap and tries to survive. Jauregui now pushes Nunes against the cage. Nasty elbows from Jauregui as they break away from the clinch. Jauregui drops Nunes with a big right hand. She is now on top of the ground and pounds. Nasty Elbow by Jauregui. Jauregui with big hammer fists. Nunes is beaten here. Referee Keith Peterson calls off the fight, he's seen enough. Big win for Jauregui.

result: Yazmin Jauregui defeated. Istela Nunes via TKO (punches) – Round 2, 4:06
recap:Yazmin Jauregui detonates Istela Nunes with technical knockout
Photos:Defeated Yazmin Jauregui. Istela Nunes at UFC on ESPN 42: The best photos
records: Yazmin Jauregui (MMA 10:0, UFC 2:0), Istela Nunes (MMA 6:4, UFC 0:3)
division: women's straw weight
Richter:Keith Peterson

Franz Marshall vs. Marcelo Rojo

Round 1 - Rojo Big Leg Kick. Miscellaneous. Rojo now with a one-two combo. Marshall hasn't started yet. Another kick from Rojo. Again. Rojo really focuses on leg attacks. And Marshall runs and gets Rojo. He was shaken briefly. Marshall now pushes Rojo against the cage. And he gets the takedown. Two more minutes. Marshall now switches to side control. Not a ton of damage from Marshall, but he's completely in control of Rojo here. Bela bent under Rojo. And three more! The round comes to an end.

MMA Junkie points Round 10-9, Marshall.

Round 2 - Rojo comes out aggressive! A hard combination connects cleanly. Rojo works the leg kicks again. Oh, and a low blow interrupts the action. Marshall delayed and the fight resumed shortly after. Both fighters now in the bag. You negotiate a lot. and boom! Marshall hits clean and knocks out Rojo. Completed.

result: Francis Marshall defeated. Marcelo Rojo by KO (punches) – Round 2, 1:14
recap:Francis Marshall brutally KOs Marcelo Rojo to remain undefeated
Photos:Defeated Francis Marshall. Marcelo Rojo at UFC on ESPN 42: Best Photos
records: Francis Marshall (7-0 MMA, 1-0 UFC), Marcelo Rojo (16-10 MMA, 0-3 UFC)
division: Pena
Richter: Larry Folsom

Nathan Levy gegen Nathan Levy Genaro Valdez

Round 1 - These guys rock hard. It's not a very fast-paced match, but both hit hard. Levy landed a few kicks on Valdez's body. And Valdez with a clean right hand. Valdez does most of the pressing here. Oh! Levy defeats Valdez. Valdez is back but injured. He gets knocked out again. Levy with a nasty spinkick to the body. Valdez is in trouble. A low blow hits Levy. The fight will pause briefly and resume when the bell rings. Big round for Levy.

MMA Junkie points Round 10-9, Levy.

Round 2 – Levy lights Valdez with leg kicks. Valdez is moving forward and is still dangerous, but Levy is the best striker yet. Oh! The big left hook hits Valdez. Levy is now retiring. Valdez starts to connect cleanly here. Three more minutes. And Levy is stunned! Valdez is above him. The action slows down a bit, but Valdez now has the upper hand. Big body kick by Levy. Levy fires for a takedown, misses, but pushes Valdez against the cage. Two more minutes. Levy gets the takedown. Levy controls Valdez through the Khabib style cage. There isn't much damage here. The crowd boos. Levy remains in control until the bell.

MMA Junkie point Round 10-9, Valdez.

Round 3 - Next fight here. Valdez pushes again while Levy pulls back. Oh! Valdez Bonzen. It continues to find its mark. Valdez lands a second low blow. The fight is interrupted. Valdez is clearly suffering. He takes a minute off and the fight begins again. Again Valdez below Levy here. Levy with a few takedown attempts but no luck. The fight starts to slow down. Levy shoots and this time gets the takedown. Two more minutes. Valdez continues to work to get back on his feet. He approaches several times, but Levy pulls him back down. Just a minute. Levy continues to control the action up to the bell.

MMA Junkie points Round 10-9, Levy.

result: Nathan Levy defeated. Genaro Valdez by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)
Photos:Nathan Levy won. Genaro Valdez at UFC on ESPN 42: Best Photos
recordsNathan Levy (MMA 8:1, UFC 2:1), Genaro Valdez (MMA 10:2, UFC 0:2)
division: Licht
Richter: Andre Glenn
judge:Eric Colon, Troy Wincapaw 29-28. Chris Lee 30-27.

Darren Elkins x Jonathan Pearce

Round 1 - Pearce lands two front kicks to the face within the first 10 seconds of the fight. And seconds later, Elkins shoots and gets a takedown. They fight and Pearce finds his way back. Pearce marches through Elkins and makes frequent landings. A big right hand rocks Elkins. Pearce seems very comfortable there. Good right by Elkins. Two more minutes. Elkins' face is already bruised. Pearce pulls it apart. Pearce shoots the takedown and succeeds. Good ground and pounds from Pearce. The bell rings. Good first lap from Pearce.

MMA-Junkie-Marke 10-9, Pearce.

Round 2 – Same dynamic here. Pearce does what he wants. Good hits by Elkins. And a right hand joins for Elkins. Elkins is having a good time standing here. Pearce is still on his feet, but Elkins intends to shut his mouth while standing. Pearce's mean calf kick. Elkins drops Pearce but is quickly countered. Pearce's mean and unrelenting ground-and-pound. Two more minutes. Pearce's big elbow. Elkins is beaten here. Pearce stays in control, grounding and hammering to the bell.

MMA Junkie scores round 10-9, Pearce.

Round 3 - Elkins clearly needs a submission here. Left hook cleared by Pearce. Credit to Elkins, he keeps fighting and pushing forward but is outmatched by Pearce. And Elkins is ugly cut. He's bleeding everywhere. The referee stops the fight for the doctor to examine it. The doctor says he's fine and the fight continues. Elkins moves forward and puts pressure on Pearce. Man, Elkins is a bloody mess. The fighting has slowed down significantly. Pearce's production has dropped significantly, but he's still in control and winning. The two now go from head to toe. Elkins with some good shots. Peace is overthrown when the bell rings.

MMA Junkie scores round 10-9, Pearce. General 30-27, Pearce.

result: Jonathan Pearce defeated. Darren Elkins by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-26)
Recap: Jonathan Pearce compensates Darren Elkins for his bloody decision
Photos:Jonathan Pearce defeated. Darren Elkins at UFC on ESPN 42: Best Photos
records: Jonathan Pearce (14-4 MMA, 5-1 UFC), Darren Elkins (28-11 MMA, 17-10 UFC)
division: Pena
Richter: Dan Miragliotta
judge:Eric Colon, Daniel Torres 30-27. Derek Cleary 30-26.

Marc Diakiese x Michael Johnson

Round 1 - Diakiese comes out aggressively. He lands a couple of leg kicks and then fires for a takedown. Johnson fills it in. More leg kicks from Diakiese. Johnsnon pushes while Diakiese steps back and chooses his shots. As Johnson moves forward, he doesn't play much. More leg kicks from Diakiese. Two more minutes. Johnson sets up combos, but nothing comes out clean. Diakiese with a kick in the leg but is caught and knocked out. He gets up almost immediately.

MMA Junkie point Round 10-9, Diakiese.

Round 2 – Same dynamic here, but Diakiese starts to let go of his hands a little more. Leg kicks are provided, but diakiese lands with a few punches. Johnson seems very trigger-shy. Johnson is good left. Two more minutes. Good body shot by Johnson. Johnson's powerful jab. And a big left lands for Johnson. It's increasing. The bell rings.

MMA Junkie scores round 10-9, Johnson.

Round 3 - Close fight here but the tide seems to be turning in Johnson's favour. Diakiese was basically forgoing leg kicks at this point. Good shots of Johnson's body. Diakiese wants a takedown, but it's stuffed. Again, Diakiese went for the takedown, but to no avail. Nice shots of Johnson. And Johnson tries to stun Diakiese with his right hand. Big jab from Johnson. He looks sharp. Johnson lands a late takedown just before the bell rings.

MMA Junkie scores round 10-9, Johnson. 29-28 overall, Johnson.

result: Defeated Michael Johnson. Marc Diakiese by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)
Photos:Michael Johnson defeated. Marc Diakiese at UFC on ESPN 42: Best Photos
records: Michael Johnson (22-18 MMA, 13-14 UFC), Marc Diakiese (16-6 MMA, 7-6 UFC)
division: Licht
Richter: Keith Peterson
judge:Chris Lee, Sal D'Amato 29-28. Troy Wincapaw 30-27.

Clay Guida x Scott Holtzman

Lap 1 - Holtzman pressures the veteran here. Guida is content to stay outside. Good right by Holtzman. Guida tries a few takedowns but to no avail. Good strokes from Guida. Holtzman's nasty body kick. Bonita is even fighting so far. Holtzman seems to have the most impressive photos. Holtzman's takedown attempt failed. Oh! A big right hand stuns Holtzman to end the round.

MMA Junkie scores a 10-9 shot, Holtzman.

Round 2 - Guida immediately fires for a takedown and succeeds. Holtzman comes back and the fight continues on his feet. Good strokes from Guida. He now shoots and gets a takedown. But here, too, Holtzman backed down. Guida now pushes Holtzman against the cage. Guida picks up Holtzman and throws him on the screen! The crowd goes berserk and starts chanting "Guida, Guida, Guida". Good ground and pounds from Guida. Holtzmann stands up. Two more minutes. Holtzman continues pressing here. He takes a takedown. Strong kick from Guida. Guida closes the gap and pushes Holtzman against the cage. Relentless guide in takedown attempt. The bell rings.

MMA Junkie point Round 10-9, Guida.

Round 3 - Next fight here. Guida comes out with a lot of energy and immediately pushes Holtzman against the cage. Holtzman breaks free and continues the fight on his feet. Holtzman with some good kicks that got Guida's attention. Holtzman pressing. Guida with a clean uppercut. Guida takes Holtzman back to the cage. Good pressure here. And Guida picks up Holtzman and throws him at the screen. He switches to side controls. Holtzman back. And that doesn't last long, because Guida knocks him out. Just a minute. Good control from Guida. Guida controls the plot until the end.

MMA Junkie scores round 10-9, Guida. General 29-28, Guida.

result: Clay Guide def. Scott Holtzman by split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)
recap:Clay Guida ruins Scott Holtzman's retirement by fighting split decision
Photos:Sand Guide def. Scott Holtzman at UFC on ESPN 42: Best Photos
records: Clay Guida (38-19 MMA, 18-16 UFC), Scott Holtzman (14-6 MMA, 7-6 UFC)
division: Licht
Richter: Larry Folsom
judge:Eric Colon, Michael Tate 29-28. David Tirelli 28-29.

Emily Ducote vs. Angela Hill

Round 1 - A battle between two former Invicta FC champions. It's not the fastest of fights, but they both maintain a constant attack. For the most part, Hill is pushing Ducote. Hill is the much busier fighter, and she also bonds more. Ducote doesn't play much here. Hill now gets Ducote. Hill landed some hard leg kicks. Once again, Ducote almost no offense. Hill is now sailing and comfortably wins the fight on his feet. Clear round for Hill.

MMA Junkie the point Round 10-9, Hill.

Round 2 - Lots of it here. Hill takes Ducote down and hits shots while Ducote mostly defends. She doesn't really attack. Good knees from Hill's Clinch. So far she's doing what she wants. This dynamic occurs throughout the round. Ducote was already showing signs of facial injuries.

MMA Junkie the point Round 10-9, Hill.

Round 3 - Ducote opens up a bit more this round. But Hill still lands on her as she has more volume. Good body shot by Ducote. Man, Hill just pushes ahead here and gets what he wants. Ducote with a good kick. Hill now simply rips Ducote apart with his knees and elbows in a clinch. They split up. Back in the clinch, Hill damages Ducote. What an achievement from Hill. The bell rings.

MMA Junkie scores round 10-9, Hill. General 20-27, Hill.

result: Angela Hill defeated. Emily Ducote by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
Photos:Defeated Angela Hill. Emily Ducote at UFC on ESPN 42: the best photos
records: Angela Hill (15-12 MMA, 10-12 UFC), Emily Ducote (12-7 MMA, 1-1 UFC)
division: women's straw weight
Richter: Andre Glenn
judge:Derek Cleary, David Tirelli, Daniel Torres 30-27.

Niko Price x Phil Rowe

Round 1 - And it's the main card's turn. Price immediately set the pace, pressuring Rowe and backing him up with jabs. Price is the one with the strongest attack so far. And a nice jab followed by a two from Rowe. Price knocks off Rowe near the cage. Two more minutes. fight. Rowe has the cleanest shots, but Price has the greatest performance. Rowe briefly stuns Price with his right hand. Funny exchange here. And Rowe got another big right hand. The bell rings.

MMA Junkie Make a Rodada 10-9, Rowe.

Round 2 – The price is aggressive. Good kick from Price and a follow-up combination. Rowe here still underpowered. And Rowe shoots a takedown and makes it. The price goes up almost immediately. Big right from Rowe. Price pushes Rowe back with a good combination and fires for a takedown, pinning Rowe in the cage. Rowe tries a front choke, Price spins out but lands with Rowe in the lead. Rowe retrieves Price and Controls from there. He tries a rear naked choke, but to no avail. The prize goes, they trade a few seconds and the doorbell rings.

MMA Junkie Make a Rodada 10-9, Rowe.

Round 3 – The price is aggressive again. Oh! Price stuns Rowe with his right hand. He's in really bad shape. price on him. He gets caught again! Rowe falls to the canvas and Price continues. Firm ground and pound price but it looks like Rowe has rallied. Rowe gets up again. We're halfway through the round. Price keeps the pressure up but both fighters look tired. Now Rowe Price is rocking! Price is injured, Rowe swings hard. Price doesn't defend intelligently and Marc Goddard intervenes. The fight is over.

result: Phil Rowe defeated. Niko Price by TKO (punches) – Round 3, 3:26
recap:Phil Rowe subdues Niko Price with brutal excitement in wild finals
Photos:Phil Rowe defeated. Niko Price at UFC on ESPN 42: the best photos
records: Phil Rowe (10-3 MMA, 3-1 UFC), Niko Price (15-6 MMA, 7-6 UFC)
division: Welterweight
Richter: Mark Godard

Eric Anders x Kyle Daukaus

Round 1 - Both guys are trading hard. Daukaus with some violent kicks. One fast, two countries to Daukaus. Nice push from Daukaus. So far he's looking good. Anders gets a kick from Daukaus and knocks him down. He hovers over him and lands kicks on his legs. The crowd boos and Daukaus stands up. Big Right lands on Anders in a wild exchange of blows, Daukaus goes down. Anders levitates above him again, but the referee picks her up after a few seconds. Anders puts pressure on Daukaus, looking for the knockout. Nice body shot by Anders. And a clash of heads throws Daukaus onto the screen. The referee stops the fight. Daukaus needs a few seconds and the fight continues. Daukaus is knocked out by Anders and shot after ringing the bell.

MMA Junkie Scores Round 10-9, Anders.

Round 2 - Anders comes out aggressive. he drinks blood After a few changes, Daukaus closed the gap and tried to bring down Anders. He pushes him against the cage. Anders defends well and breaks. In a race, Daukaus ends up at the bottom. Anders lands a few shots while hovering over Daukaus. Daukaus stands up but is knocked down by the left hand. Anders runs in and lands a nasty bottom and hammers to claim the win. Solid display from Anders.

result: Eryk Anders defeated. Kyle Daukaus via TKO (punches) – Round 3, 2:45
recap:Eryk Anders knocks out Kyle Daukaus in the second round
Photos:Eryk Anders defeated. Kyle Daukaus at UFC on ESPN 42: the best photos
records: Eryk Anders (15-7 MMA, 7-7 UFC), Kyle Daukaus (11-4 MMA, 2-4 UFC)
division: average weight
Richter: Keith Peterson

Roman Dolidze x Jack Hermansson

Round 1 - Hermansson breaks out of the cage and tries to maintain mobility. Dolidze advances. Good left kicks from Hermansson. Hermansson now lands several good kicks. Hermansson attempts a takedown and succeeds. Dolidze threatened a guillotine, but not for long. Dolidze with a swing! They fight and the fight ends on their feet. More kicks to Hermansson's legs. Solid body kick too. Dolidze is not very active here. It's all Hermansson. The bell rings.

MMA Junkie the point Round 10-9, Hermansson.

Round 2 – Hermansson again, sitting outside and using ranged attacks. Dolidze has a really hard time getting in range and setting up combos. Well left by Hermansson. The leg kicks add up for Hermansson. And then there is Hermansson's fall. Dolidze threatens an armbar but fails. Now he threatens with a triangle, but Hermansson escapes. Dolidze lands a calf slicer and hits the back! He lands on the ground and bangs. Unable to escape, the referee forced the fight to end the fight. Solid victory for Dolidze.

result: Roman Dolidze defeated. Jack Hermansson by TKO (punches) – Round 2, 4:06
recap:Roman Dolidze knocked out Jack Hermansson and Venceu Khamzat Chimaev
Photos:Roman Dolidze defeated. Jack Hermansson at UFC on ESPN 42: Best Photos
records: Roman Dolidze (12-1 MMA, 6-1 UFC), Jack Hermansson (23-8 MMA, 10-6 UFC)
division: average weight
Richter: Mark Godard

Sergej Pawlowitsch vs. Oceano Pacifico

Round 1 - Here we go! heavyweights! Oh, Pavlovich brings the heat! Tuivasa has fallen! He gets up, but Pavlovich is on top of him, swinging big. Tuivasa staggered again! And he goes down. Pavlovich continues the attack. Completed. The referee intervenes and ends the fight.

result: Sergei Pavlovich defeated. Tai Tuivasa by KO (punches) – Round 1, 0:54
recap:Sergei Pavlovich overtakes Tai Tuivasa in less than a minute
Photos:Sergey Pavlovich Derotou. Tai Tuivasa vs. UFC 2014 on ESPN 42
records: Sergej Pawlowitsch (17-1 MMA, 5-1 UFC), Tai Tuivasa (15-5 MMA, 8-5 UFC)
division: Heavyweight
Richter: Dan Miragliotta

Matheus Nicolau vs. Matthias Schnell

Lap 1 – Nicolau is chasing fast here. It's not busy and the crowd gets a little restless. The crowd boos. And out of nowhere, Nicolau runs in and knocks down Schnell with his left hand. Quickly stands up and the fight continues on his feet. Good leg from Nicolau. Schnell looks good from the shot and is chasing Nicolau. There is not much going on here. The bell rings.

MMA Junkie point Round 10-9, Nicolau.

Round 2 – Schnell acts aggressively and immediately starts chasing Nicolau. Can't close the gap quickly. Nicolau advances, hitting a shot and staggering Schnell. Then he takes you downstairs. Nicolau hits the ground and hammers from the guard. They stand on. Nicolau staggers Schnell again, but Schnell keeps his composure and keeps chasing. Completed! Schnell came running in and was caught by the right hand. He fell to the canvas and Nicolau dominated to the end with ground and pound. Impressive.

result: Defeated Matheus Nicolau. Matt Schnell by KO (punches) – Round 2, 1:44
Photos:Matheus Nicolau defeated. Matt Schnell at UFC on ESPN 42: Best Photos
records: Matheus Nicolau (19-3-1 MMA, 7-1 UFC), Matt Schnell (16-7 MMA, 6-6 UFC)
division: Flyweight
Richter: Keith Peterson

Bryan Barbera vs. Raffael dos Anjos

Round 1 - You trade heavy hits early, but nothing has hit so far. Dos Anjos tries to trip him up and pushes Barberena against the fence. And then there's the distance. Oh! Dos Anjos closes his arm in a triangle! It feels tight! He stops pushing but still holds the bolt. And Barberena goes. Two more minutes. Dos Anjos is driving now. Full control from the Angels here, but without too much damage. And the bell rings.

MMA Junkie scores the round 10-9, dos Anjos.

Round 2 - Barberena runs in and lands some good punches. He now presses dos Anjos against the cage. They get separated but Anjos immediately fires for a takedown and succeeds. Barberena stands up but is pinned against the cage and controlled. And dos Anjos manages to take the fall. Dos Anjos takes the rear mount! He sinks into the rear naked choke! It feels tight. Completed. Barberena fittings.

result: Rafael dos Anjos vs. Bryan Barberena via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) – Runde 2, 3:20
recap:Rafael dos Anjos wins via submission and challenges Conor McGregor to 'clean up' his body for July clash.
Photos:Rafael dos Anjos vs. Bryan Barberena from UFC auf ESPN 42: Best Photos
records: Rafael dos Anjos (32-14 MMA, 21-12 UFC), Bryan Barberena (19-8 MMA, 10-6 UFC)
division: Welterweight
Richter: Mark Godard

Stephen Thompson x Kevin Holland

Round 1 - And they touch the gloves. Holland wastes no time and puts pressure on Thompson. Both fighters exchange leg kicks. Oh! Thompson hits Holland with a left. Holland tried twice to control Thompson against the cage but failed. Big knees to the Netherlands! This fight is heating up. Thompson is bleeding from his left eyebrow. Holland rocks Thompson with a big right hand. Holland puts it on him. Good elbows from Holland in the clinch. Thompson is good left. Another good link from Thompson. Netherlands with good kicks. The bell rings.

MMA Junkie Scores Round 10-9, Netherlands.

Round 2 - Thompson lands with a big left headbutt! Holland eats well. Good leg from Holland. Thompson connects several left hands. They go back and forth. What a fight! Thompson is pushing for action here. He lands another left hand. Holland adds kicks to the legs. Another straight left of Thompson. And another one. He can't go wrong with the left. Just a minute. This is a wild fight. Both boys go back and forth. And Thompson stuns Holland, but Holland shoots back. The bell rings.

MMA junkie make a Rodada 10-9, Thompson.

Round 3 – Netherlands work on their legs here. Thompson almost lands a kick to the head. Nice job from Thompson. More leg kicks from Holland. Thompson's headbutt. What a chin from Holland. Thompson hits Holland with a left. Now Thompson steps forward and spills over Holland. Holland also shoots back, but Thompson is much more accurate. This is war. The bell rings.

MMA junkie make a Rodada 10-9, Thompson.

Round 4 - Holland lands a kick in the face to start the round. Crazy chin from Holland. Thompson is now pressed against the cage. It breaks the rate. Nasty liver kick from Thompson. Holland shoots for takedown. I did not understand it. Holland is injured. Thompson now pushes Holland against the cage. A low punch from Thompson stops the action. Holland takes a minute to recover and the fight resumes. Holland looks shattered. Thompson lands a nasty wheel kick to the head. Oh man. Thompson destroys Holland here. Holland only gets beaten, doesn't shoot as much now. Two more minutes. Thompson just does what he wants here. Holland's body aches. And Thompson is leaving Holland. He's on top of the ground and pounds. The bell rings. Holland tells the corner that his hand is injured. The corner throws in the towel. The fight is over. Thomas wins.

result: Stephen Thompson defeated. Kevin Holland by TKO (Stopping Corner) - Round 4, 5:00
recap:Stephen Thompson defeats Kevin Holland by TKO in electric combat
Photos:Defeated Stephen Thompson. Kevin Holland at UFC on ESPN 42: The best photos
records: Stephen Thompson (17-6-1 MMA, 12-6-1 UFC), Kevin Holland (23-9 MMA, 10-6 UFC)
division: Welterweight
Richter: Dan Miragliotta

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