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Why is it important to hire a Macon wrongful death attorney?

Most people often overlook wrongful death cases because they think it is an accident. It may be so, but the culprit cannot escape without paying for his mistake. And when it comes to paying for that mistake, you need an attorney who will effectively represent your case. It requires sufficient evidence to ensure that the culprit pays his due compensation. A wrongful death involves a list of expenses, such as the treatment of your loved one and also paying for the funeral.

We at Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. we are here to help you win such a case so that he does not have to pay the cost at all. You already have the burden of dealing with the death of your loved one. On top of that, you shouldn't have to pay for these expenses either. However, many people in Macon suspect a wrongful death only very late. We urge you to share your story so we can decide whether or not you have a case against the opponent.

your kind lawyer

We provide legal assistance to clients who believe their loved one has died due to the recklessness of another person. If you have the slightest doubt, do not hesitate to contact us. We have more than 350 years of experience in collecting. Over the years, we have helped hundreds of clients with wrongful death cases in Macon. We believe that our legal advice can help you obtain the compensation you deserve for the costs you paid after the death of your loved one.

Most people have countless questions when they decide to file a wrongful death case against the at-fault party.

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  • How will you pay your medical bills?
  • How will you make your claim?
  • Who pays for your loved one's lost wages?
  • Do you have to go to insurance?
  • Should you settle the claim alone?
  • How long does it take to drop the case?

His attorney, Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. will answer all these questions in detail. We understand that you are going through a time of emotional turmoil, especially after losing the person you loved so much. In such a situation, you should turn to us as your friend in need. We have a team of compassionate and friendly attorneys and advisors who will guide you every step of the way so that he can get his well-deserved claim quickly.

Different Types of Wrongful Death

People think that wrongful death only applies to car accidents. That's not the only way a person can be careless. Several other pathways can also lead to wrongful deaths. Some of the categories of these deaths and their causes are:

1. Motor vehicle accidents, including boating, car, ATV, motorcycle and truck accidents.
2. Unsafe premises, such as working in retail stores, homes, hazardous waste spills, parks and recreational areas, and various industrial occupations.
3. Nursing home abuse, such as B. Dehydration, chemical misuse, preventable infections, inadequate physical restraint, and malnutrition.
4. Poor security, such as non-functioning CCTV, unsafe bedrooms, untrained security guards, home break-ins and faulty alarm systems.
5. Medical errors such as misdiagnosis, birth injury, pharmacy error, surgical error, misdiagnosis, anesthesia error, and hospital negligence.
6. Industrial accidents such as broken machines, electric shocks, explosions, and falling objects.

How do I file a wrongful death claim in Macon?

We do not expect clients to be familiar with the entire process of filing a wrongful death claim. That is why we have a team of experienced lawyers who will guide you step by step throughout the entire process. You must first contact us and speak to one of our attorneys. It describes everything in detail from the beginning. If you forget some details, you can always come back and give us feedback. Remember that we develop your case according to your specifications. It is better if you could explain everything clearly so that we can better understand the case.

Once you are done with the declaration, we will ask you to send some relevant documents, such as a death certificate, recent medical records, and a few other things. Your job is done for now. From that moment on, we take over the case. Your attorney will consult with a medical expert and a reconstruction specialist to understand when and how the accident occurred. We need these details to make sure the opponent can't get away with a cheap excuse.

When we have all the information we need, we will invite your opponent's lawyer. We present all the facts and evidence so they know we have a better case than they do. If they want to give in and settle for the compensation we're asking for, we don't have to go to court. However, if they disagree, we will take them to trial and let the jury decide who is guilty.

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Many lawyers try to provide you with unfair compensation that is far less than what you deserve. We do not maintain such comparison offers. Our lawyers know two things:

• Settle the case out of court for hefty compensation.
• Take your opponent to court for compensation better than you can imagine.

We agree that if the case goes to court, it will take a few weeks before it is dismissed. However, when we have the best chance of winning, don't think about the moment. Let's handle the case so you end up with more compensation.

Why is it so important to hire a wrongful death lawyer?

It is nearly impossible to file a wrongful death lawsuit in Macon alone. The opponent's lawyer will bury you with so much evidence that you may wonder if he is guilty. Don't fall into this trap. Let us work on his case to make sure he gets his rights. We make sure that the culprit pays you the compensation he deserves for treatment and burial expenses.

To make things work in our favor, we hire top medical experts and a team of accident reconstructionists so they can reconstruct the entire crime scene. Once the big picture has been cleared up, we get to the bottom of the causes that led to the fateful death of your loved one. We generally take our time at this stage, as it is the foundation on which we build your case. Our expert medical team will review the most recent reports prior to the death of your loved one. All of this can help build a strong argument against the opponent, something that you might not be able to counter.

In addition to crime scene reconstruction, we also prepare paperwork and fill out required court documents. The Macon District Court is very strict when it comes to the timely filing of documents. So let's not waste too much time investigating the case. We have a checklist of all the documents the court will need. Our team will contact you to get some signatures. Other than that, you don't have to worry about anything.

No case is too complicated for us. We are lucky to have Kenneth S. Nugent leading this company. He is one of the brightest lawyers in this city. His vision has helped our attorneys find a way in some of the most complicated cases where we were on the brink of losing. Our record in wrongful death cases is impeccable. We will fight tooth and nail for you to be fair until the last moment.

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Many people in Macon consider an accident to be the fate of their loved one. While fate is not in our hands, we can certainly try to make sure that the culprit who pushed your loved one to this fate pays for their sins. We will not let that person go until he receives the deserved claim from him. Our attorneys understand the emotional turmoil clients go through when describing what happened to their loved ones. We feel for you. That's why you should let us vent your anger in court.

Why should you hire us?

Kenneth S. Nugent, PC is a trusted law firm that has been practicing in Macon for years. We have had the experience of handling many wrongful death cases, which has helped us earn trust year after year. Plus, with Kenneth S. Nugent at the helm, we always have a father figure we can always turn to for help. His vision of helping others drives us to fight these cases with all our abilities. Here are a few more reasons why you should hire us:

1. Empathetic with customers

We understand how terrible it is to lose a loved one. And lose that person because of someone else; it's just not acceptable. We support this statement. Our compassionate attorneys handle your case so you don't have to worry about anything else. We are always by your side when you need us.

2. Always answer your calls

You can contact your lawyer at any time by phone. We know that these cases urgently need help. That is why we do not stop answering your call and making an appointment with one of our lawyers. You can come to our Macon office and explain everything in detail. We'll write everything down so you don't have to redo anything.

Our lawyers are so efficient that once they have the necessary evidence, they make it literally impossible for the opponent to win the case.

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3. No consulting fee

We know how much money you may have already spent on your loved one's treatment and funeral. Kenneth S. Nugent, PC does not want to burden you with a hefty fee. That is why we offer all our clients free advice. We do not charge anything to hear your version of events. We do not charge anything unless we win the case for you. It's a challenge for us, so we can work harder and help you get the compensation you deserve.

We generally collect a small amount from the compensation you receive after winning your case. This is a fair deal that we don't think you'll mind too much. Not only does it help you save up-front by not paying consultation fees, it also gives you peace of mind that you'll ultimately win your case.

4. Always there to help

At Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C., get the help you need to win a wrongful death case. To be honest, the whole process involves a lot of complicated procedures, but we don't worry about that anymore. Our experience in this field allows us to follow all the legal steps one by one so that you have a better chance of winning.

Our law firm has one goal: to help you get the compensation you deserve. We know that your loved one will not return, but we can at least try to make sure that the person responsible for their death pays for their recklessness. The attorneys at Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. they are like his friends that he can trust when it comes to sharing about the death of his loved one. Remember that every piece of information, no matter how small, is crucial. If you forgot something during your initial consultation, you can always call us later and let us know what details are missing.

Kenneth S Nugent P.C. is always there for you when it comes to wrongful death cases. Just give us a call at 1-888-579-1790. We discuss everything in detail and take care of the rest. You can count on us to win the case because it is a challenge that we have won every time.


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