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After your truck accident, you should seek medical attention immediately. Even if your pain is not currently presenting as an injury, some may not be immediately apparent.

In the days after a truck accident, be sure to keep track of all paperwork, including (but not limited to):

  • Your medical records related to the accident.
  • the police report
  • Communication about sick leave due to accident
  • Medical bills and ongoing treatment
  • Communication on material damage

You should start your truck accident settlement immediately after your accident. The sooner the claim process begins, the more seriously your claim will be taken. Waiting until you are fully recovered may make your claim or injuries appear "less serious" if your case goes to a jury trial.

Your attorney will help you determine what the next steps will be for your truck accident settlement claim. They may need additional documentation or time to start the case process, which is usually started by writing onetruck accident claim letter. Be sure to respond to your attorney's inquiries in a timely manner... The sooner you can file all the necessary paperwork, the sooner you can receive compensation.

How is the average semi-truck accident settlement determined?

Truck accident settlements are likely to be larger and more complicated than a normal car accident claim. Accidents involving large trucks often cause very serious injuries and property damage. After the accident, you will want to know how much your truck accident settlement could be, as this money will likely be needed to help cover medical expenses, vehicle repair or replacement costs, the cost of missing work, and continual pain and suffering. .

To determine how big your truck accident settlement can be, we must first answer a critical question. Who is responsible? The trucker, his employer, or the owner of the truck? We'll review these critical topics below, including actual truck accident settlement amounts, length of time to settle, as well as average truck accident settlements and other important factors in large commercial vehicle accidents.

Semi-Truck Accident Laws

There are many federal laws and regulations that govern the commercial trucking industry. These laws set certain standards that trucking companies, owners, and drivers must meet. These laws are often what determine who is liable for tractor-trailer and other types of large truck accidents. Most federal regulations regarding the commercial trucking industry are in theTitle 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations.

In addition to federal laws regarding the safety of truck and semi-truck drivers, there are also local laws andstate car accident lawthat may be relevant to your accident, making hiring a local personal injury lawyer an important step in getting the best possible settlement for your truck accident.

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Who is Liable for Semi Truck Accidents?

In most car accidents, the driver responsible for the accident is liable and their insurance company will pay a settlement. However, when there is a semi-truck accident, there are multiple entities and individuals that may be responsible for the accident. These people may include:

  • the truck driver
  • The owner of the trailer or truck.
  • The person or entity that leased the truck or trailer
  • The manufacturer of the tire, engine, or other parts that may have failed in the accident
  • The loader or shipper of the cargo whose improper loading contributed to the accident

Who is responsible for your car accident involving a truck depends on your particular situation. Regardless of who is responsible, you can expect a great truck accident settlement based on your injuries, property damage, and pain and suffering.

Truck Accidents and Minimum Liability Insurance Limits

Civil liability insurance for truckers and companies is essential for citizen security. Protects the public from truck accidents where the driver was negligent. The idea behind minimal liability insurance is for the trucking company to pay compensation for the injured party to recover. However, this does not always happen in reality.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires truck drivers to have the following minimum coverage. Please note that the minimum amount of insurance coverage depends on the type of cargo.

  • Non-dangerous goods moved in vehicles <10,001 lbs:$300.000
  • Non-dangerous goods moved in vehicles >10,001 lbs: $750,000
  • Oil moved by private carriers: $1,000,000
  • Hazardous materials transported by private carriers: $5,000,000

These are the minimum requirements set by the FMCSA. Many commercial trucking companies require minimum liability insurance of at least $1,000,000. This is regardless of the material being drawn.

These minimum insurance coverage numbers are important to keep in mind when trying to determine how much you can receive from your truck accident settlement. Talking to a local attorney will help you determine what type of insurance the driver or their trucking company had and how that may affect your settlement.

Trucking companies often choose minimum coverage

The aforementioned minimum requirements may seem like great coverage, but the reality is often different:

  • Whenrear endWith a semi, the driver and passenger can sustain devastating injuries that cost millions of dollars to treat. The minimum coverage rarely covers serious medical problems. These can include traumatic brain injuries or spinal cord injuries. while somemotorcycle accident settlementmay cover similar catastrophic damages, truck accidents are often much more serious than your average car accident.
  • Some trucking companies and owner operators may not have updated their coverage limits in years. Inflation and medical costs increase over time. Insurance limits may not cover the high medical costs faced by the victim.
  • In a truck accident settlement, victims can win damages that exceed the minimum liability limits. A 2013 study found that 42% of paid truck accidents exceeded the FMCSA's minimum insurance requirements.
  • Get expert legal help to help fight your semi-trailer truck settlement case. Otherwise, it may be difficult for you to decide and fight for the settlement money. Truck insurance companies will have access to experienced truck accident attorneys. These attorneys will do everything possible to reduce the liability of the insurance company.

The reality is that many truck accident cases require you to file a lawsuit to obtain compensation. An attorney will be able to answer most of this for you in a free initial consultation.

Other State and Federal Regulations Affect Truck Accident Settlements

As mentioned above, all semi-trucks in the US do the same thing.FMCSAregulations But truckers themselves are subject to other regulations, such as the state's commercial driver's manual. INGeorgia's CDL Handbook, for example, requires semiconductors to stay in the two lanes to the right of an interstate. If the truck driver drives outside of these two lanes, it is illegal. An accident in which the truck driver drives in the left lane can result in a personal injury case with a higher settlement.

Another example: Georgia CDL laws state that a truck cannot follow another truck, or a motor vehicle pulling another motor vehicle within 100 yards. If a distracted driver hits the vehicle in front, it could result in a larger settlement.

The combination of various state and federal laws can result in larger settlements. A local attorney will know the specific state laws that apply to your case. They also want to know how the truck driver can disagree with them. This makes your negligence claim that much stronger if your case ends up in court.

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  • How much is your car accident insurance worth?

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  • How much is my car accident insurance worth?

Semi Truck Insurance Policies Are Often Large

Regardless of who ends up paying for your truck accident, it is common for a tractor-trailer to carry insurance coverage of $1 million or more. However, due to the large amount of money at stake, insurance companies often use aggressive tactics to defend their drivers and the trucking company from liability. The insurance company will seek to pay the lowest settlement amount possible to avoid going to court.

In addition to the laws that require higher minimum coverage requirements for semi-truck accidents, there is a possibility that there will be more defendant policies in effect. For example, a semi-trailer may have a policy of $1 million covering the bed and another $1 million covering the trailer. This means that your truck accident settlement could be much higher than you initially estimated.

Because you may have suffered serious injuries in the truck accident, your truck accident attorney will work diligently to uncover all potential sources of financial recovery. This is why it can take longer to find all possible insurance policies for a tractor trailer company than for normal passenger vehicle accidents. This is why truck accident claims often take longer to pay out.

Medical Treatments Can Affect the Truck Accident Settlement Schedule

When you have serious truck accident injuries, you want to get your settlement money as quickly as possible. With more serious injuries, you are likely to face an avalanche of bills. These may include your medical bills and general expenses that you are unable to pay due to missing work due to your injuries. One of the most important factors is the severity of your injuries and the medical treatments required to cure you.

Most truck accident settlements are settled after the victim has made a full recovery. Because a collision with a large truck is more likely to cause serious injuries, your treatment and recovery period may take longer. With complex cases involving serious or multiple injuries, it can take months or years to settle with the insurance company.

You may want to settle your claim while you are still receiving treatment or suffering from pain caused by your accident. But his lawyer will strongly advise against it. Only after your doctor has released you from their care will you and your attorney have a clear understanding of the extent of your injuries, their severity, and how they will affect your quality of life moving forward. At that time, your attorney can help you make an accurate determination of the value of your truck accident claim. Serious injuries that will cause lifelong pain or disability may entitle you to a much larger truck accident settlement.

How do you start the truck accident settlement process?

After an intense truck accident, trying to start the settlement process can be overwhelming. The first thing you should do is seek medical attention for your injuries. Your physical and mental well-being should be your first priority after a semi-truck accident. Property damage and legal battles can be resolved when you take care of your health.

Once you have received medical attention and are recovering, you should contact an attorney. A local truck accident lawyer will know the best way to start the case process. For large semi-truck accidents, the settlement process can take months or even years. Therefore, it is crucial to start as soon as possible.

However, you should be aware that in most cases you should wait until you have finished receiving medical treatment to settle with the insurance companies. This is the best way to ensure coverage for the entire cost of your medical treatment.

Most insurance companies will try to settle your claim out of court to avoid costly and lengthy litigation. This can also be to your advantage. If your claim goes to trial, you and your attorney may face a jury trial. There, it can be difficult to convey the severity of your injuries or damages to the jury.

How much is the average semi-truck accident settlement?

Because all truck accidents involve different scenarios, it can be difficult to figure out what the average settlement is for semi-truck accidents. The area of ​​the crack also plays a role in how much you and your lawyer can seek compensation from insurance companies.

An important consideration for average truck accident settlements: Since many truck accidents result in serious injury or death, which tend to have much higher payouts, the "average truck accident settlement" will be much higher than the average truck accident settlement. median because it will be biased by the massive settlements, of which there are too many. However, if you have less serious injuries, looking at the average may not be the most accurate way to predict what your settlement will be.

But knowing what factors affect the dollar amount of a big truck accident can help you and your attorney determine a starting point for the value of your truck accident settlement.

There are several factors that will affect the size of your truck accident settlement:

Economic factors

Financial losses that are included in a truck accident report are:

medical costs

Includes all costs related to your physical injury and treatments, starting with the cost of ambulance travel, emergency room care, hospital stay costs, medical bills, drug costs, and surgical procedures . It also includes x-rays, CT and MRI scans, rehabilitation, physical therapy and transportation to your medical appointments. Those who sustain particularly severe injuries may receive a settlement that takes into account the costs of ongoing long-term care.

lost wages

Salary you would have received if you were still working at the time before the accident. If you have been sick or on vacation for medical treatment, this time is also covered. This includes earnings that he would have earned if he was unable to work in the future due to injuries sustained in his accident. Even if you are partially disabled, the reduction in your earning capacity affects the size of your settlement.

Damage to property

Typicalinvolving the loss of your motor vehicle. These accidents usually result in the total loss of the vehicle.Even if your vehicle is not a total loss, you could experience property damage in the tens of thousands that you can expect to see covered in your semi-truck accident settlement..

lost wages

Salary you would have received if you were still working at the time before the accident. If you have been sick or on vacation for medical treatment, this time is also covered. This includes earnings that he would have earned if he was unable to work in the future due to injuries sustained in his accident. Even if you are partially disabled, the reduction in your earning capacity affects the size of your settlement.

non-economic factors

Non-financial factors are more difficult to quantify and will be the subject of intense negotiations between lawyers.

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Pain and suffering

It includes disfigurement, physical pain, fear, grief, anxiety, inability to concentrate, and insomnia. It can also include loss of enjoyment of life. These claims are often the most difficult to prove in court. Seeking immediate and ongoing medical treatment is one of the best ways to help prove your case.

emotional pain

A major problem in many truck accidents due to the ferocity of the impact. Some face fear every day, including a terrible fear of being in the same situation again. Some accident victims develop PTSD. For some, it may be impossible to drive a vehicle for long after a semi-truck accident. This is due to fear, anxiety, and PTSD.

loss of consortium

This means loss of companionship in terms of family relationships and friendships. Or a lost relationship with a partner due to a personality change. This is easier to prove in cases with documentation of lasting harm (both psychological and physical).

Establishment of the Penal Code

It is used as a deterrent for the defendant who engaged in reckless activity. For example, if the truck driver drove in a reckless manner that caused injuries to other people. A local attorney will be able to present a better case if the defendant violated local or state laws when the accident occurred.

While there is no way of knowing what an average semi truck settlement will be, there are many serious truck damage cases where settlements exceeded one million dollars. These cases involve serious injuries that take months or years to recover from. Sometimes these cases involve permanent injuries. Your case may be worth more or less depending on the above factors and your particular situation. Talk to a qualified and experienced truck accident attorney to get an idea of ​​what your case may be worth.

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  • How much is your car accident insurance worth?

    Learn about the maximum compensation you can receive.

  • How much is my car accident insurance worth?

Typical Settlement Factors for Semi-Truck Accidents

In addition to the above factors that help determine how much your truck accident may be worth, there are other important factors. There are four main factors that affect the size of the accident settlement in trucking accidents:


Each state has its own laws regarding contributory negligence. For example, California is a state of pure comparative negligence. This means that the defendant (the truck driver) is only liable for his or her percentage of fault. If a jury finds that the driver was 20% at fault for the rear-end truck accident, the final settlement amount is reduced by 20%. Contributory negligence laws may also prevent the accident victim from receiving compensation if the plaintiff is found to be 51% or more at fault. A personal injury attorney must determine how a state's contributory negligence laws affect the potential settlement amount.

The severity of the injury

Truck accident claims often have high claims. The insurance company or defense attorney will review these higher numbers. In general, the more serious the injuries, the better the chances of getting a larger accident settlement. However, it is common for the defense to look at the plaintiff's medical history. They are looking for pre-existing conditions on which the company can hang damages.

deaths: died

The trucks weigh up to 80,000 pounds fully loaded. Fatal truck accidents are common. If the accident results in a death, a wrongful death lawsuit may be filed. These lawsuits often lead to larger settlements. Some states also allow punitive damages, usually in reckless driving cases.

Current insurance policies

How much insurance money is available? Considering the involvement of more than one business entity, the sum insured that covers your accident may be a higher amount. However, as mentioned above, many trucking companies only carry the absolute minimum coverage. Serious truck accident injuries can easily exceed these limits.

Struck from behind by a semi

The size and power of commercial vehicles can make being rear-ended a terrifying and painful experience. Immediately after a rear-end collision involving a commercial vehicle, you should seek medical attention. Medical attention should be a priority, even if you have no obvious injuries. Rear-end accidents have a high rate of whiplash injuries. Whiplash can take several hours or even days to show up. Other common rear-end accident injuries include:

  • head injuries
  • Lash
  • nerve damage
  • Headache
  • Broken bones
  • Spinal cord or disc injuries
  • severe brain damage

In rear-end collisions, insurance companies will look for a paper trail of medical documents and police reports to verify your claim. It is in your best interest to speak with an experienced truck accident attorney. His specialized experience will help you obtain the largest settlement claim possible. Without the help of an attorney, it may be difficult for you to obtain a settlement that covers the costs of your injuries.

T-bone Accidents Involving Semi Trucks

INAccidental about T-Boneis where a semi-truck hits a car from the side. It is an extremely serious type of truck accident. These accidents can be extremely scary and jarring and can cause extremely serious injuries. The car that gets hit is probably following all the rules of the road when the truck driver wants to run a light or violate another traffic law and suddenly slams into the driver's side with the right of way.

Injuries from T-Bone accidents can be serious and lifelong. The person sitting on the side of the vehicle where the impact occurred is likely to sustain the most severe injuries. However, everyone in the car can be injured in this type of accident. The most common T-Bone commercial vehicle accident injuries include:

  • neck injuries
  • strong whiplash
  • Concussion
  • traumatic brain injury
  • Broken bones
  • soft tissue tears
  • Paralysis
  • internal organic damage

In the case of T-Bone accidents, it is important that you start the settlement process as soon as possible. Keep track of the police report, medical records, and insurance documentation. This paperwork will make your lawyer's job much easier when you start fighting the responsible party's insurance to get the settlement you deserve.

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Dump Truck Accidents: Why They Are Different

Dump trucks play an important role in transportation, construction, and more. They share the road with other drivers and pedestrians every day. Its large size and weight mean that accidents between dump trucks and other vehicles can be extremely serious. Additionally, the "stop and go" nature of the work dump trucks perform can make it difficult for other drivers to drive defensively.

Dump truck accidents are unique. Often, the dump truck driver is not the only legally responsible party. The company they work for, the truck manufacturer, and even the city itself can all be legally liable. This significantly complicates the settlement process.

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Typically, dump trucks are rented and driven by multiple drivers and serviced by multiple technicians. Each party will try to absolve themselves of responsibility in the event of a dump truck accident.

Insurance companies are always looking to settle as quickly as possible. This especially applies in the case of serious dump truck accidents. By hiring an attorney experienced in resolving dump truck accidents, you increase your chances of getting a settlement.

Example of resolution of a semi-truck accident:


On December 1, 2021, I was driving my 2020 Ford Mustang as I approached the intersection of Piedmont Avenue and 10th Street in Atlanta, Georgia.

I was driving through a green light when the rear passenger side of my vehicle was struck suddenly and without warning by a large truck that ran a red light at the intersection. The force and intensity of the impact alone caused my vehicle to spin 360° before coming to a stop on the road. Front and rear airbags deployed throughout my vehicle and the driver's side door was stuck.

Damages sustained in the truck accident

Immediately after the collision with the semi-trailer I was shocked, scared and nervous. I experienced the immediate onset of pain and discomfort throughout my entire body. A witness on the street corner called 911. Police, paramedics, and the fire department were on the scene within minutes.

Since my door was stuck, I was unable to get out of my vehicle. A few minutes later, the fire department came to my window and told me that I would be removed from the vehicle soon. They used the jaws of life to open my door and release me from the vehicle. They immediately put me in a neck brace and put me on a stretcher in the ambulance.

I was transported from the scene of the accident to Downtown Atlanta Memorial Hospital. I had pain and discomfort in my neck, lower back, mid back, and right/left shoulder. The policemen met me in the emergency room and took my statement. Officers said they got video of a coffee shop on the street corner and saw the truck run a red light and I was not at fault for the crash. This gave me considerable relief as I was not sure how to prove that I was not guilty. The police officers gave me the semi-trailer's insurance information and I filed a claim with their insurance company the next day.

I had a headache along with chest pain and nausea. I was examined by the attending physician and he ordered x-rays of my neck andlower back injury after crash. I had X-rays of the cervical and lumbar spine taken, which were negative for fracture and dislocation. I had a CT scan of my brain because I wasn't sure if I had lost consciousness or not. Although I experienced significant headaches, the CT scan of my brain was normal, showing no brain hemorrhage. After the imaging was complete, my doctor reviewed the results with me. I was discharged home a few hours later with a Norco prescription and directed to seek further care and treatment for my injuries.

On December 8, 2021, I saw doctors at Peach State Chiropractic for treatment of my injuries. My pain and symptoms had gradually worsened over the past week. The chiropractor examined me and found tenderness in my cervical and lumbar spine along with muscle spasms, stiffness, and tightness. My range of motion was significantly reduced by about 50% in my neck, lower and mid back. I continued the treatment here for 2-3 weeks, but my pain and symptoms disappeared. As a result of my persistent pain, I was prescribed an MRI of my thorax (mid back) and lumbar spine (lower back).

On December 10, 2021, I submitted My Health MRI for recommended imaging. The prints revealed the following:

chest MRI:

T1-2: 1-2mm beveled spring.

T3-4: 3-4mmdisc projectionwith tea bag print.

T5-6: 3-mm disc bulge adjacent to the spinal cord withestenosis foraminal neural bilateral.

T7-8: 1 mm protrusion indenting the sacrum with mild to moderate stenosis.

T9-10: 2-3 mm protrusion with moderate stenosis.

T10-12: 1 mm projection deepening the thecal sac.

RM lumbar:

L2-3: a diffuse disc protrusion of 3 mm is identified. The disc material is attached to the thecal sac. Bilateral ligamentum flavum hypertrophy is observed. No significant narrowing of the neural foramina.

L3-4: disc protrusion identified. Transiting and outgoing nerve roots are normal. The projection of the disk measures 3.5 mm.

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L4-5: a diffuse disc protrusion is identified. The projection of the disk measures 4.5 mm. Indented disc protrusion in the cecum with bilateral contracted neural foramina.

L5-S1: 5-mm disc bulge identified. Disc material with case groove. Bilateral stenosis with L5-S1 nerve root impingement.

A week later I introduced him to Dr. Zabi, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon to review my MRI results with me. At this point, my lower back, neck, and mid back pain was constant throughout the day. The pain was sharp, stabbing, and excruciating. I couldn't complete my daily activities, like cooking and cleaning the house. Dr. Zabi told me that he had positive MRI results. He examined me and recommended that I get a thoracic epidural injection to control the pain. My pain in the middle of my back kept me up all night so I decided to go ahead with the injection.

8 days later I presented to Dr. Zabi Ambulatory Surgery Center for thoracic (mid back) epidural injection. The procedure went well and provided much needed pain relief. Unfortunately my back pain came back about 3 days later. Due to the onset of mid-back pain, I immediately return to Dr. Zabi's office for a follow-up visit. He examined me and recommended another thoracic epidural injection. A week later I received my second thoracic epidural which provided significant pain relief. At this point my pain levels were 5/10.

As a result of my persistent lower back, neck, and mid back pain, I returned to Dr. Zabi for follow-up. I couldn't complete my daily activities like exercising, cooking, and cleaning. Sitting for long periods of time makes my lower back pain worse. Dr. Zabi recommended that I have lower back trigger point injections as a result of the nerve root that showed up on my lumbar MRI. Dr. Zabi performed the lumbar facet injection in the office that day. I was discharged home with instructions to rest and start a physiotherapy course 2-3 times a week for 6 weeks. Dr. Zabi recommended that I have repeat thoracic epidural injections if the pain returns. He also recommended an epidural injection in the lower back (lower back) for pain control. The cost of each injection was estimated at $15,000. Although I did not go through with the lumbar epidural, I knew that I could get the cost of the injection covered by the insurance company after I filed my settlement claim.

10 days later I went to Yellowjacket Physiotherapy for treatment. The goal of physical therapy was to reduce neck, mid-back, and lower back pain while improving my active range of motion. I continued treatment here for 6 weeks before being discharged with instructions to continue a home exercise program.

Offer to Negotiate and Settle Semi Truck Accidents

At that time, my medical care and treatment was complete, so I requested all my medical records and bills from my treating physicians. I was preparing to file a settlement claim with the semi truck insurance company to receive compensation for my damages and injuries. I really wanted to finally settle my case and move on with my life.

My total medical bills were $55,000. I was shocked, but knew that the trucking company's insurance company accepted responsibility for the accident and would be liable for my injuries, including pain and suffering, along with past and future medical bills. I was still in pain and discomfort and had difficulty sleeping because of my pain. She knew that she would eventually need future medical care and treatment, including additional injections, if she had a significant flare-up of pain.

I prepared the settlement claim and included all my medical records and bills, including surgery reports for the injections. I claimed $150,000 because I knew I would need expensive injections in the future. I gave the insurance company three weeks to respond with a truck accident settlement offer. A week later, the trucking company's insurance adjuster called me and confirmed receipt of the settlement claim. The adjuster assured me that he would immediately review the claim and get back to me before the deadline.

Two weeks later the adjuster called me and told me they denied my $150,000 claim and made me a $75,000 truck accident offer. At this point I was frustrated. I knew my case was worth more, so I countered the insurance company for $125,000. In my back letter, I explained everything I went through as a result of the truck drivers' negligence and made sure to let them know that I would need additional epidural injections if I had a flare-up of pain. I included the cost of the injections ($15,000 each) in the counter offer and said I would need follow-up visits with my orthopedic doctor.

A week later, the adjuster called me and made me a new offer of $100,000. We discussed the matter over the phone and I finally got down to $110,000 and the adviser agreed. The insurance company sent me a settlement statement to sign and I returned it the same day. My check came home the following week. My case took about 6 months to settle, but the $110,000 truck accident settlement was worth it!

More Semi Truck Accident Settlement Examples

Below are actual examples of truck accident settlements and verdicts that found the truck driver to be at fault:

  • $54,420,000 Truck Accident Lawsuit - 12-person jury found in favor of the family of a 50-year-old woman who died due to the negligence of a truck driver employed by PFG Milton, Inc. punitive damages to the family of the woman killed in truck accident. In many large truck accident settlement cases, going to court is the only option due to punitive damages that are typically not included in settlements.
  • Semi
  • Truck accident settlement: $12,000,000. This case was a pretrial settlement; It happened at an intersection between two semi-trucks, where one allegedly ran a red light. A traumatic brain injury was involved which caused the victim lifelong brain damage resulting in an 8 figure truck accident.
  • $9,300,000 Wrongful Death Settlement - An elderly woman was struck by a truck while stopped on the side of the road, killing her instantly. Her family received nearly $10,000,000 in the settlement.
  • $6,500,000 Semi-Truck Accident Settlement Due to Negligence: Settled shortly before trial, the insurance company admitted that the woman's death was caused by a poorly maintained commercial truck that rear-ended her and decided to settle out of court for millions.
  • $430.000Head-on Collision Agreement: A semi truck crossed into the other lane causing a head-on collision with broken bones and a separated shoulder requiring surgery. The driver in this case was very lucky, the survival rate for head-on collisions with semi-trucks is not high.
  • $875.000pedestrian accident settlement: A truck ran over a pedestrian who suffered broken bones and a ruptured spleen.
  • $2,275,000 Wrongful Death Truck Accident Settlement – ​​A woman and her son were walking on the side of the road due to auto complications when a truck struck them, killing the mother and leaving the son with serious injuries.
  • $10.500.000wrongful death car accident settlement: A truck overturned and dumped all the sand it was carrying onto a woman's vehicle, tragically killing her.
  • $1,200,000 T-bone Accident Settlement - A semi-trailer truck failed to yield and crashed into a woman's vehicle, causing her multiple ankle, wrist and knee injuries. As a physical therapist by trade, she was unable to work for nearly a year and faced a lifetime of pain.

The above results far exceed the minimum liability limits required by the FMCSA. When facing serious semi-truck accident injuries, seek experienced legal counsel, as your settlement may go further.

Truck Accident Adjudication and Settlement

Here are some more examples of real truck accidents:

  • Woman Injured By Mail Truck Receives Settlement Over $200,000
  • A rear-end collision between a rental moving truck and a small car resulted in a $175,000 truck accident settlement
  • Each driver in a 5-car accident caused by a semi-truck received individual truck accident damages of more than $50,000 each.
  • Pedestrian struck by truck with inattentive driver receives more than $120,000 in settlement

Truck Accident Settlement Calculator:

Were you involved in a truck accident that caused injuries? Find out what financial compensation you may be legally entitled to in minutes with our free online serviceCar Accident Calculator.

Unfortunately, state and local laws regarding commercial trucks and insurance policies vary. This makes it difficult for a settlement calculator to provide anything better than a rough estimate. If you need help determining how much your truck accident settlement may be worth or what your next steps should be in the litigation process, contact a local attorney.

Truck Accident Lawyers and Their Importance to Your Case

It is true that many semi-truck accidents result in higher settlements. The bottom line of course is that money will never compensate a person for the loss of a loved one. Money won't always heal a wounded person either.

Every semi-truck accident and settlement is completely unique. Anyone who has suffered due to a trucker's negligence will usually be up against an aggressive insurance company. The insurance company will try to minimize liability. If the case goes to trial, the trucking company's lawyers will also try to minimize any potential settlement or lawsuit. Remember, when in doubt, it is important to obtain legal advice to properly protect your legal rights.

It is important to have an expert on your side to ensure that you get the best representation on your claim. Truck accident lawyers have years of experience working with a variety of large truck cases. Each different type of truck involved in an accident follows different laws and regulations. In addition, there are other reasons why you may want to hire an experienced truck accident lawyer:

  • They will be able to determine the validity of your case.
  • An attorney will take your case through the conciliation process as quickly as possible.
  • They will be aware of local laws and regulations that may affect your case.
  • An attorney can fight for the highest possible settlement claim
  • They will be able to handle much of the paperwork while you recover

Fighting with insurance companies to obtain adequate compensation for your injuries, time, property damage, and pain and suffering can be exhausting. A truck accident attorney will handle most of the day-to-day work required to reach a settlement. This allows you to focus on your recovery. Working with an attorney not only provides peace of mind, but will allow the truck accident process to be resolved as quickly as possible.

Talk to an Attorney for Help With Your Semi-Truck Accident Settlement

Getting the most money possible for a truck accident settlement requires all the negotiating skills and experience of a skilled truck accident attorney. Get a free settlement estimate and find out how much your claim is worth.

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(The Awesome S'witty Kiwi Show)
6. How long do 18-wheeler or semi-truck accident cases last in Florida. Do most cases settle or go
(The Liquor Law Center)


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