State Farm Auto Insurance Review 2023 (2023)

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State auto insurance rates compared to the competition

State Farm Auto Insurance Cost Comparison for Good Drivers

State Farm has relatively competitive auto insurance rates for good drivers. Its national average rate for good drivers is below the average of $2,150 per year for the companies we reviewed.

CompanyNational average annual cost for good drivers
United States to$ 1.412
geico$ 1.716
state farm$ 1.959
National$ 2.041
Progressive$ 2.157
farmers$ 2.381
Allstate$ 3.000

State Farm Auto Insurance Cost Comparison for Drivers with a Speeding Ticket

State Farm offers competitive rates for drivers who have a speeding ticket on their record. If this is your situation, it's smart to lookauto insurance quotesdue to the large variation in rates between companies.

CompanyNational average annual cost of drivers with a speeding ticket
United States to$ 1.709
geico$ 2.098
state farm$ 2.311
National$ 2.439
Progressive$ 2.793
farmers$ 3.014
Allstate$ 3.213

State Farm Auto Insurance Cost Comparison for Injured Drivers

State Farm auto insurance rates are decent for drivers who have caused an accident injuring another person.

CompanyNational Average Annual Cost for Drivers Injured by Accidents
United States to$ 2.093
geico$ 2.487
state farm$ 2.554
National$ 3.050
Progressive$ 3.413
farmers$ 3.446
Allstate$ 3.870

State Farm Auto Insurance Cost Comparison for DUI Drivers

The national average cost of auto insurance for DUI drivers is $3,537 per year and State Farm auto insurance rates are below that.

CompanyNational average annual cost for drivers with a DUI conviction
United States to$ 2.751
Progressive$ 2.776
state farm$ 3.235
geico$ 3.451
farmers$ 3.517
National$ 3.677
Allstate$ 3.856

State Farm Auto Insurance Cost Comparison for Drivers with Bad Credit

State Farm auto insurance average rates have a very high average cost for drivers with bad credit compared to the competition.

All states except California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, and Michigan allow auto insurers to use credit history to determine rates. Insurers say that a person's credit correlates with the chances of filing an insurance claim in the future. This correlation leads to higher rates.

CompanyNational average annual cost for drivers with bad credit
geico$ 2.426
United States to$ 2.594
National$ 2.771
farmers$ 3.921
Allstate$ 4.028
Progressive$ 4.215
state farm$ 5.051

State Farm Auto Insurance Cost Comparison for Adding a Teen Driver

The average cost for State Farm auto insurance to add a teen driver is about $300 below average, at $2,124 per year.

Adding a teen can send your auto insurance rates skyrocketing. You could easily pay over $2,000 a year to add a 16-year-old driver to the parents' policy. Our analysis found the national average cost to be $2,419 per year among the companies we analyzed.

CompanyIncrease per year for adding a 16 year old driver
National$ 1.774
geico$ 1.952
United States to$ 2.036
state farm$ 2.124
Progressive$ 2.225
farmers$ 3.780
Allstate$ 3.948

State Farm Auto Insurance Cost Comparison for Young Drivers Ages 18-25

State Farm auto insurance rates are relatively low for drivers ages 18-25. Its cost is below the national average of $4,706 per year among the large insurers we studied.

The costs below are for young drivers with their own auto insurance policies. You can usually cut costs by keeping a young driver on the parents' policy for as long as possible.

CompanyNational Average Annual Cost for Young Drivers
United States to$ 2.774
geico$ 3.332
state farm$ 3.795
National$ 4.268
farmers$ 5.420
Progressive$ 5.791
Allstate$ 5.999

State Farm Auto Insurance Cost Comparison for 70 and 80 Year Old Drivers

State Farm auto insurance costs for drivers in their 70s and 80s are quite competitive compared to major competitors. The national average is $2,498 per year, based on our analysis of large insurers. State Farm makes about $400 a year below average.

CompanyNational Average Annual Cost for Senior Drivers
United States to$ 1.674
geico$ 2.057
state farm$ 2.085
National$ 2.154
Progressive$ 2.481
farmers$ 2.849
Allstate$ 3.163

Auto insurance claims against the State Treasury

State Farm has a lower level of auto insurance claims than many insurers, based on claims made to state insurance departments across the country. State Farm's claims are also substantially below the industry average.

Auto insurance claims tend to be about claim denials, delays, and unsatisfactory settlements.

State Farm Auto Insurance Review 2023 (1)

State Farm Rating of Collision Repair Professionals: C-

In a survey of collision repair professionals around thered CRASH, State Farm obtain note C.

The opinions of auto body shop professionals are valuable because they see how insurers compare in the use of substandard repair parts, whether insurers encourage the use of repair procedures recommended by auto manufacturers, and whether Insurers have claims processes that lead to fast and satisfactory claims for customers.

Does State Farm offer accident forgiveness?

No, State Farm does not provideaccident forgiveness insurance. Some insurers offer this type of protection, which means your rates won't go up because of a no-fault accident. Although State Farm does not offer accident forgiveness, Forbes Advisor found that the company still has the lowest average rate for drivers who cause a crash among the top 10 auto insurers tested (with the exception of USAA, which is only available to military personnel). , veterans and their families).

Does State Farm offer new car replacement?

No, State Farm does not offerNew car replacement coverage. New car replacement coverage from other insurance companies replaces the vehicle with a new one of the same make and model if the car is destroyed in a covered accident. One caveat is that the vehicle generally must be two model years or younger.

Does State Farm offer Gap insurance?

No, State Farm no tienegap insurance. Gap insurance is useful if you total your car and you owe more on your lease or loan than the insurance policy pays for the loss.

Such coverage may be worth it if you have a large loan or car rental.

Does State Farm offer a decreasing deductible?

No, State Farm no tienedecreasing deductibleoption. Insurance companies with this option allow drivers to enroll in a program that lowers their deductible each year that they do not file a collision or comprehensive coverage claim.

Does State Farm offer SR-22?

Yes, State Farm offersSR-22 insurance. States sometimes require SR-22s for risky drivers, such as those with DUI convictions or who have caused multiple accidents. An SR-22 shows the state that you purchased auto insurance coverage. SR-22 rules vary by state, but most states require the driver to keep the certificate for about three years.

Does State Farm offer usage-based insurance?

Yes, State Farm is optionalusage-based insuranceprogram called Drive Safe & Save.
Drive Safe & Save can give you a discount on a State Farm auto insurance policy of up to 30% based on how you drive.

You can install the Drive Safe & Save app on your smartphone or use OnStar. The program collects miles driven and evaluates your "basic driving characteristics" to develop a score and calculate a discount, if applicable.

Does State Farm offer pay-per-mile insurance?

No, State Farm does not provideauto insurance pay per mile. Pay-per-mile programs can lead to lower auto insurance rates, depending on how much you drive.

Pay-per-mile insurance programs typically have a base rate and then a rate per mile. These types of programs are best for drivers who don't log a lot of miles. For example, drivers who commute to work by public transportation or those who work from home may benefit from a mileage insurance program.

Discounts on state car insurance

When shopping for auto insurance, it's important to ask aboutcar insurance discounts. There may be ways to lower auto insurance premiums by a discount or two or even more. (Not all discounts are available in all states.)

Here are some discounts you're likely to see at State Farm.

  • Accident free discount.If you drive accident-free for three consecutive years, you may qualify for an accident-free discount from State Farm.
  • Good discount for students.If a student is between the ages of 16 and 25, is in high school or college full-time, and has a B average, 3.0 GPA, or other qualifications, they can save up to 25% on their State auto insurance Farm .
  • Discounts for loyal customers.Insure more than one car with State Farm and you could save up to 20%. Insure a home or condo, or purchase life insurance or renters insurance with State Farm along with your auto insurance policy and you can save up to 17% with a discount on multiple policies.
  • Defensive driving course discount.Take a defensive driving lesson and you could be eligible for a 10% to 15% discount.
  • good driving discount. Maintain a good driving record for three years without accidents or moving violations and you will qualify for a discount.
  • Discount on driver training.If young drivers under the age of 21 complete driver training, you will receive a discount.
  • Student on leave of absence with school discount.If one of the drivers of your vehicle is a student under the age of 25 who is moving to school, you may be eligible for a discount.
  • Anti-theft discount.If your car has an alarm or other anti-theft device, you may qualify for a discount.
  • Discount on several vehicles.You will get this price reduction if you insure more than one vehicle with State Farm.

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Programa Steer Clear de State Farm

Looking for ways to save money on car insurance for a young driver? The State Farm Steer Clear app allows you to do just that.

To apply for the State Farm Steer Clear application, drivers must be under the age of 25 and have no accidents or violations in the last three years. The app offers five training modules consisting of lessons, driving scenarios, and quizzes. If you complete all modules within six months of starting, you may qualify for discounts.

State Farm's Safest

State Farm also sells:

  • Life insurance
  • supplementary health insurance
  • Medicare Supplement
  • disability insurance
  • Farm and Ranch Insurance
  • Commercial insurance, such as commercial liability, commercial auto, and workers' compensation coverage

State Farm Mobile App

The State Farm mobile app allows customers to manage State Farm insurance policies, roadside issues and bank accounts from their smartphones. Functionality includes:

  • Access insurance ID cards
  • Pay your insurance bill
  • Start a travel assistance request
  • Upload photos and documents for claims
  • To complain
  • Connect with your agent

A Brief History of State Farm

State Farm was founded in 1922 by retired rancher and insurance salesman George Jacob "G.J." Mecherle. Although it began as a single line auto insurer, State Farm now offers more than 100 different products and services in five different industries.

State Farm is the largest auto insurer in the US, with a market share of about 16% in private passenger auto insurance.


to identify thebest car insuranceWe evaluate each company for auto insurance rates, coverage options offered, claims against the company, and their collision repair process.

Car insurance rates: 50% of the score.We used data from Quadrant Information Services to find each company's average rates for good drivers, drivers who caused an accident, drivers with speeding tickets, drivers with DUIs, drivers with bad credit, drivers caught without insurance, adding a teen driver. driver, senior drivers and young drivers.

Unless otherwise noted, rates are based on a 40 year old female driver with a Toyota RAV4 and coverage for:

  • $100,000 for personal injury, $300,000 for accidental injury, and $100,000 for property damage (known as 100/300/100).
  • 100/300 coverage for uninsured motorists.
  • Comprehensive and collision insurance with a $500 deductible.

Auto Insurance Coverage Options – 25% of Score:Any auto insurance company can provide the basics of liability, collision and comprehensive coverage, and other standard offerings. But it's also important to have access to additional types of coverage that may offer greater protection or cost savings. In this category, we award points to companies that offer accident forgiveness, new car replacement, temporary deductibles, usage-based or pay-per-mile insurance, and SR-22s.

Complaints (20% of score):We use claims data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Each state's insurance department is responsible for filing and monitoring claims against companies operating in their states. Most auto insurance claims focus on claims that include poor settlements, delays, and denials.

Accident repair (5% of score):Body shop professionals have an inside view of each company's approach to repair. The best auto insurers don't pressure you to cut costs or install substandard repair parts. Some insurers also have processes that help speed up the repair and claims process, which makes customers happier. We use data provided by the CRASH Network, a weekly newsletter covering the auto insurance and collision repair segments. CRASH networkInsurer Newsletterused scores from more than 1,100 collision repair professionals to rate auto insurers on the quality of their collision claims service.

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