State Farm Insurance Review | (2023)

When it comes to getting reliable insurance, you've probably faced the dilemma of which insurance company to choose. Should you choose state farm insurance? geiko? all states? Each of these companies offers many of the same types of insurance, but which one is really right for you?

In this in-depth guide, we take a closer look at State Farm, one of the best known and most popular property, auto and life insurance brands in the United States and Canada. We'll also help you find ways to save money on car insurance.


Who is the State Agricultural Insurance?

State Farm was originally founded in 1922 by a retired rancher and insurance salesman named George Jacob "G.J." move

Mecherle's idea was simple: do business fairly and do what's right for customers.

While State Farm was originally a one-line auto insurer, today it offers nearly 100 different products and services and is the eighth largest life insurer.

They are also heavily involved in their local communities – especially when it comes to advocating for seat belt laws and the safety of young drivers.

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What products and services does State Farm offer?

State Farm offers a range of products and services, including:

  • Business Life Insurance– Helping companies avoid financial hardship due to the loss of an employee or other manager.
  • disability insurance– If you become completely disabled due to an accident or illness, disability insurance steps in to pay bills and provide personal resources
  • Group life insurance– Employee life insurance, group life insurance is a popular and valuable perk for people in your workforce.
  • individual health insurance- If you do not qualify for group insurance, you may be able to obtain health insurance for major medical conditions through State Farm and affiliated networks.
  • care insurance– If you were left with a chronic illness and could no longer take care of yourself, how would you pay for the care you would need? Long-term care insurance helps pay the cost of care at home or in a nursing home, protecting your wealth and retirement income and preserving your assets. In the United States, self-employed long-term care insurance may also have a federal tax deduction.
  • Small business retirement plans– If you're a small business owner, choosing the right type of retirement plan can be daunting. Do you choose mutual funds? SEPTEMBER? Simple IRA? There are a wide range of plans and investment options available through State Mutual Funds to make retirement planning even easier for you and your employees.
  • State farm business credit card– A credit card for business owners that also has an associated rewards program.

What are State Farm's most sought-after products?

State Farm is best known for its property insurance andcar insurance, but also its comprehensive life insurance products and investment products are becoming more and more popular.

An active participant in local communities through sponsorship and education programs, State Farm has more than 18,000 local agents and also provides insurance for motorcycles, boats and SUVs.

State farm property insurance

State Farm Insurance Review | (2)

State Farm property insurance covers more than just homeowners, as it is also available to condominium owners and renters, as well as prefab homes and ranch/farm insurance.

Home insurance, State Farm's most popular property insurance, can cover your home and property losses due to things like:

  • Bad weather - storms, fire, wind, hail, lightning, freezing, snow/sleet or the weight of ice
  • Theft, vandalism, riots, aircraft and vehicle damage to your property
  • Sudden/involuntary loss due to water from plumbing, ruptured or bulging of heating or cooling systems and artificial electrical currents

Every policy is different. Therefore, if you decide to get a State Farm quote for your property, check your specific insurance policy to determine what is covered in your specific case.

homeowners insurance

Home insurance does not normally cover property damage or personal injury intentionally caused by you, business activities or professional services and may not cover items such as aircraft, cars/vehicles and some watercraft.

Again, you should check your individual policy to determine what is included and what is excluded in your particular case.

When looking for a State Farm property insurance quote, you must personally assess the value of your property and everything in it - something you can easily do through the use of a home inventory, which catalogs valuables or assets you own. or collected.

condo insurance

If you are a condo owner, insurance is required to cover all parts of your unit that are not covered by your condo association's insurance policy, which may include your personal belongings.

Depending on your condo company's policy, you may need to consider additional insurance for your building, the unit, and any accessories or improvements you make to it.

Similar to home insurance, condo insurance covers general property damage, including fire, lightning, storm or hail, freezing of the plumbing system and hail and, like home insurance, many of the same items are not covered by condo insurance.

pension insurance

Even if your landlord has an insurance policy, it will not cover your belongings, and for this reason, in most cases, your landlord will require renter's insurance.

Like home insurance, renters insurance typically covers personal possessions (bicycles, computers, furniture, electronics) as well as potential losses due to weather (fire, storm, ice, snow/hail) and theft, vandalism, riots, and damage. to the vehicle.

Like home insurance, it does not cover property damage caused by you or the ownership/operation/maintenance of aircraft, automobiles and some watercraft, nor does it cover commercial activities or professional services.

Individuals who choose State Farm home insurance find that the overall rates are very competitive and affordable.

With over 18,000 locations across the country, it's easy to get in touch with a local agent who lives and works in your community.

State Farm also has an A.M. Maximum rating (a financial stability rating) of A++, indicating excellent financial stability.

State Auto Insurance

State Farm is currently the largest provider of auto insurance in the United States, and with over 18,000 agents worldwide and easy access to 24-hour service, the company likely has a service and price that works for you.

There are many different types of car insurance, including:

  • liability insurance– Unlike comprehensive or fully comprehensive insurance, liability insurance is required in almost all states. While some elements of your auto insurance are designed to protect you and your vehicle, the responsibility is all on the other driver. Liability comes in two forms - personal injury and property damage. If you are held liable for an accident, liability kicks in to cover damage done to the other party.
  • Coverage of health insurance payments– This is another coverage option that many states do not require. Health coverage is designed to help pay for medical (or funeral) expenses if a person covered by your policy - you, a passenger or a family member - is injured in a car accident, regardless of who is responsible. Some examples of such reports, according to State Farm, are: "You will be injured if you accidentally hit another car while crossing a parking lot", "Your wife will be injured when she is hit by a car while crossing the street". and "One of your passengers complains of neck pain after the car you're driving is hit by another vehicle."
  • collision protection– Collision insurance is one of the types of car insurance options that you don't necessarily need to take out. If you own your car, collision insurance is not required by any state in the US State Farm, which even recognizes on its website that you should compare the value of your vehicle to the cost of collision insurance to determine if it's right for you. . or ask a State Farm agent to help you decide. Like most collision insurance from other providers, State Farm's collision service does not cover things like theft, dropped objects, or natural disasters and storms (such as floods, hail, and fire).
  • comprehensive coverage– As with collision insurance, you don't need to add comprehensive insurance to your premium unless you're still paying for your car. Working extensively to fill in the gaps left by collision coverage, State Farm's comprehensive coverage promises to repair or replace a vehicle that has been damaged by virtually anything except an accident involving another vehicle or property (e.g. a tree or building). or a rollover. Theft, vandalism, pet accidents and weather damage are all covered.
  • Coverage for uninsured/underinsured motor vehicles- If you're hit by someone driving illegally without liability insurance, State Farm's uninsured (and uninsured) auto insurance can help pay for anticipated expenses such as medical bills, damage to your vehicle, or necessary absences from work. While uninsured and uninsured coverage is required in only a few states, adding such coverage can help reduce the burden of potential hardship.
  • Car rental and travel expense coverage- This is a special area where State Farm shines. If your car is out of service due to an accident or damage covered by your comprehensive or collision insurance, State Farm will help cover the cost of a rental car to drive you around until repairs to your vehicle are completed. And if you're involved in an accident while driving a rental car, State Farm coverage will pay up to $500 of the deductible to fix it. If you are stranded more than 50 miles from where you live due to an accident, State Farm also offers travel expense coverage to cover the cost of meals and lodging until you can return home.
  • road emergency service- State Farm offers emergency roadside assistance to help you if your car breaks down. If your vehicle becomes inoperable, you can ask State Farm to pay for necessary emergency services.

When deciding between auto insurers, customers often find that the flexibility of choosing the right options for them is a smart move to get coverage.

You should check your state and local regulations to see what your state requires, but if you're concerned about breakdowns, underinsured or uninsured drivers, or if you travel frequently, these additional options are worth considering.

What types of discounts are available for State Farm auto insurance?

State Farm also offers various discounts and savings for auto insurance customers.

For example, the Drive Safe & Save™ program is an app that plugs into your vehicle's (or your smartphone's) existing OnStar® or SYNC® communications to calculate a discount.

There is also the Steer Clear® program, specifically for new drivers or drivers under the age of 25 who have not had an accident or traffic violation in the last three years.

Drivers who meet these conditions can qualify for the Steer Clear discount, saving up to 15%.

Depending on where you live, other State Farm car insurance discounts may also be available, including the No Accident Discount, which offers a discount if your car (or replacement car) is insured by State Farm for a minimum of 3 years has been uninterrupted years without an attributable accident.

The discount may increase over time as you continue to have coverage with State Farm and have no chargeable accidents.

Even if you're new to State Farm, you can still qualify for the Good Driving Discount if you've been with your previous insurance company for three years with no accidents or relocation violations.

There is also the Defensive Driving Course Discount which may qualify you for a discount depending on where you live if you take a Defensive Driving Course.

If you have a student in your household who is moving from school and only uses the car at home and during school breaks and holidays, you may be eligible for the Student Away at School Grant.

Good driving, good student and vehicle safety discounts may also be available - and you should also ask about discounts if your vehicle has a passive restraint device (such as a factory installed airbag) or anti-theft devices.

If you insure multiple cars with State Farm, you can save a lot - up to 20%!

If you have homeowner, renter, condo or life insurance with State Farm in addition to your vehicle insurance, you may qualify for a multi-car or multi-line deal discount - up to 17 percent!

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Ratings and financial strength

State Farm auto insurance is currently ranked #34 on the Fortune 500 list and has an excellent financial rating.

Got an A++ in the A.M. Best Rating Services List, the highest possible rating, and an AA from Standard & Poor's, another high rating, indicative of State Farm's strong claims paying capacity.

In the event of an accident, these ratings are intended to provide customers with assurance that State Farm will be able to provide both parties with the necessary capital based on the extent of damage and level of coverage.

Pros and Cons of State Farm Insurance


  • Assessment of financial strength- State Farm has an incredible financial strength rating, which means their clients don't have to worry about their claims being covered (as long as they qualify). The company also offers a competitive range of discounts that do not have the same limitations as some competitors, and discount offers on specific products can be combined to offer the best possible prices.
  • mobile application– Its cutting-edge mobile app also helps it stand out from its competitors. There's almost nothing you can't do with State Farm's Pocket Agent app, which helps address some of the criticisms related to connecting with an agent in person or over the phone. You can even use the app to find a local agent if you're interested in signing up for the service.
  • online offers- You can also request a quote online for State Farm services here, which means you don't have to deal with an in-person agent (yet) to see how much you can save by switching to State Farm. Visit to explore insurance options, read customer reviews and hear what experts have to say about State Farm.


  • Low consumer report score -According to Consumer Reports reviews, State Farm receives two out of five stars from over 2,500 reviews.
  • Uneducated agents -Some consumers complain about discussing policy options with a seemingly uneducated or uninformed State Farm agent.
  • Denial of Claim -Our research revealed that customers have expressed concern that their claim may be denied following an accident.
  • Hard to reach -Customers complained of difficulty getting a State Farm representative over the phone to discuss policies and claims.

State agricultural life insurance

There are many different types of life insurance - including those that have a cash value and others that are a mix of popular options:

  • Duration– a simple and affordable coverage plan for short-term needs. The cash value here only applies during the “Premium Term Return” period, where you can review an insurance policy even after you apply and cancel if you decide you don't want to.
  • Whole life– As the name suggests, this type of coverage is a lifetime coverage that allows access to cash value (with tax advantage). You may also be entitled to receive dividends. However, due to market volatility, this is not guaranteed. For example, a 25-year-old woman in excellent health living in Illinois pays just $78.13/month ($898 per year) for coverage of up to $100,000. Premium payments are limited to 10, 15 or 20 years.
  • universal life– This type of insurance offers permanent yet flexible protection and generates cash value. This covers a family's lost income, mortgage costs, and education needs.

State Farm Insurance Review | (4)

Depending on the state you live in, your life insurance may alsoprovide your survivors with a fixed death benefitto cover your last expenses.

The death benefit is usually passed on to your beneficiaries exempt from income tax.

In general, limited life insurance premiums are paid for a certain number of years, but the benefits extend throughout your life.

In cases where dividends are earned, they can be used to purchase additional paid insurance, reduce future premiums, or be paid out in cash.

The sooner you take out your life insurance, the lower your premiums will generally be.

Customize a Life Insurance Policy

State Farm also gives you the ability to customize your policy with additional options and drivers, including:

  • Disability premium waiver– This optional add-on to your insurance coverage helps you maintain your life insurance when income may be limited due to a disability. If the insured is completely disabled for six consecutive months before age 60, this optional coverage will help cover future insurance premiums when due, provided the insured base user is completely disabled.
    Depending on the age at which the disability occurs and ends at age 65, specific restrictions may apply (unless the disability occurs before that age).
  • guaranteed insurability– Can you guarantee its insurability? With this added option, you definitely can. This helps you get supplemental insurance on specific dates without the need for a medical exam. Only certain age groups are available and the next available option becomes available when you get married or become a parent.
  • insurance payer– If you are taking out a policy for a child and become disabled (subject to policy definitions), this Addendum allows for a premium waiver for a period of time. This rate applies until the insured child reaches 25 years of age.

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Terminating your state farm insurance

If you need to cancel your State Farm Insurance, you will need to speak to your local representative who may also ask you to submit a written request.

However, if you are concerned about costs, coverage options and other related issues, you will be happy to know that your agent is here to help and inform you of the policies, discounts and options available to suit your needs.

Pros and cons of state agricultural insurance

When you're considering insurance from a company as large as State Farm, which offers so many different products and services, it's understandable that you'd want to know the ins and outs of choosing an insurance company.


State Farm really shines in personal service, with nearly 18,000 agents nationwide, there's likely an agent or agents in your area, making it easy to get responsive, helpful service when you need it.

  • Warning- Many current State Farm customers report that their agents are very observant - they check in regularly to make sure everything is in order and to see if they need to make changes to their insurance after specific life events. But that kind of "check-in" shouldn't be interpreted as a selling point. Many people with State Farm feel that their agents genuinely care about them and their well-being.
  • size and variety of products- State Farm is the largest life insurance company in the US and offers a wide range of products to choose from - many of which can be customized to meet your needs now and in the future.
  • community based- State Farm agents live and work in the same communities as their clients, making it easy to understand the unique challenges and benefits that come with living in specific areas.
  • diversity in the workplace- State Farm has won multiple workplace awards for its attention and recognition that diversity is valued and important.
  • A++ rating of the best insurance reports- State Farm received an A++ financial stability rating from Best Insurance Reports.
  • agricultural insurance- As the name suggests, State Farm also offers agricultural insurance for a variety of machinery and assets used by and on the farms.
  • Notification of upcoming changes– People with State Farm often have multiple lines of insurance with them such as: B. Car insurance and life insurance. Even in cases where accidents have occurred, they report that State Farm has been prompt and informative about upcoming changes.
  • Competitive pricing and prompt claims issuance– Prices are competitive – especially for car insurance. In the event of a claim, State Farm has a reputation for disbursing payments quickly to those affected. And with so many agents, many people report being able to quickly get the help and coverage they need, as well as personal attention. That's a high bar to aim for, but State Farm is doing well.
  • Recommendations based on life events and lifestyle- Customers report that State Farm is very helpful in recommending the right type and level of insurance - even after certain life events (marriage, birth of a child) where more or different changes to their existing insurance would be needed. This helps give customers more peace of mind and security.
  • as family- Customers say their State Farm agent treats them "like family" and knows them personally, making sure they have everything they need in terms of coverage. You are made to feel welcome and never feel like you are wasting an agent's time. You feel that the agent takes time to understand your needs and answer all your questions.

However, the real question on everyone's mind when it comes to insurance ishow much does this cost?

The cost of State Farm Insurance is highly dependent on many external factors such as: B. Your place of residence, history (health/driving habits) etc. As there is no way to estimate it for all possibilities and eventualities, the best thing you can do is get a personalized quote from a local agent.


Even the best companies have some downsides that might give you pause. That's exactly why we're offering an unbiased look at some of the areas where people think State Farm could do better.

  • Can only log in through an agent- While State Farm offers several discounts on car insurance, other savings, particularly long-term, are less than expected. As all policy application options are handled through local agents, you cannot apply for a policy directly online (although you may receive a no-obligation quote).
  • No recommendation for other companies– If for any reason State Farm is unable to provide you with insurance, they will not recommend any other insurance company that better meets your needs.
  • Concerns about complaints– As with any insurance company, there are customers who have expressed concern that claims are not being processed. Since much of this processing varies by case and scenario, it is possible that some issues will be missed.
  • No live chat support or self-service support- If you like the do-it-yourself nature of live chat, you'll find that emailing your local agent can take a little longer than you'd like. However, this also ensures that your case receives the personal attention and care it deserves.
  • Problems with payments in progress- Some people report that if a payment to State Farm is not completed, their insurance will be canceled via email (not text message or phone call). This experience seems to vary from person to person and from agency to agency. So make sure your payment information is always up to date when paying for State Farm insurance.
  • Worries about no-fault accidents- This varies from case to case, as everyone is unique, but some drivers - particularly hit-and-run accident victims - have filed claims with State Farm to presumably fall under the uninsured/underinsured driver clause. may place the victim in a "risk" category, even if the accident is not the victim's fault. Please ensure that you clarify with your agent what happened and that any documentation/claim submitted reflects the actual scenario of events.
  • No agents in your community?– State Farm does not operate in states where regulations or disasters may affect its service.
  • agent attention- Some reviews complain about the attention of agents, but this varies from community to community. If an agent seems too busy to give you the answers you want, chances are you'll find another one nearby.

How to submit a state insurance claim

An accident or damage to your property can be stressful, but State Farm is committed to simplifying and streamlining the damage reporting and resolution process as much as possible.

While you should contact your agent directly in the event of an accident, not everyone has their agent's information at all times.

In such cases, you must call State Farm directly at 800-STATE-FARM (800-782-8332).

For auto insurance claims, you can contact your agent, but you can also file a claim online or use State Farm's Pocket Agent® app - home insurance claims follow the same process.

In any case, be sure to take appropriate measures to avoid further damage or security risks.

If there are any violations, immediately report them to your agent and obtain names/addresses of witnesses - eg B. in case of an accident.

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How do I report an accident/injury to State Farm Insurance?

Whether it's a vehicle accident or property damage, you should speak to your local representative as soon as possible.

You can call State Farm directly at 800 STATE FARM to connect you with an agent who will take the time to gather your claim details and help you take the necessary steps to file your claim.

In case of theft, contact the police and your agent.

You can also download State Farm's free Pocket Agent® app, which will guide you through the process.

Do the products and services offered by State Farm Insurance differ by state?

State Farm Insurance Review | (7)

Each state has its own set of requirements and regulations to keep its citizens safe, and with that in mind, State Farm offers a wide range of products (over 100) to meet these specific needs.

While the products and services themselves are similar, policies differ from state to state as to what is covered and what is not. So it's a good idea to check your specific policy and speak to your local agent if you have any questions.

For example, State Farm Guaranty Insurance Company is licensed to do business in the state of New Jersey, while State Farm Florida Insurance Company is the leading provider of liability insurance in Florida.

Operating under the Lloyds of Texas Plan, State Farm Lloyds writes multi-risk residential and commercial insurance in the state.

common questions

Many questions often arise when choosing an insurance company.

From service and coverage to paying your bill, we've gathered the most frequently asked questions about State Farm Insurance in one place.

How do I pay my state farm insurance payments?

State Farm offers a variety of payment options to pay your insurance bill.

You can pay your invoice online using the key code from your last paper invoice, which does not require registration.

You can also pay online by creating a State Farm account which offers more benefits than using the key code method as you can report or view a claim, change your preferences and much more.

You can also simply walk into your local State Farm representative's office and pay with your credit card, check, or money order.

You can initiate a payment with your credit card or checking/savings account by calling 800-440-0998 (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

Finally, you can simply mail a check or money order using the return envelope that came with your invoice.

The address to send your payment is:

state agricultural insurers
Insurance Support Center – East
Mailbox 588002
Metro North, GA 30029

How many customers does State Farm Insurance have?

State Farm serves more than 82 million policies and accounts across the United States through its network of more than 18,000 agents and more than 65,000 employees nationwide.

If you need to contact support, State Farm's customer service phone number is 1-800-782-8332 (800-STATE-FARM).

Spanish speaking representatives can be reached at 1-877-274-0543

How much does State Farm Insurance increase after an accident and/or speeding ticket?

The amount of your insurance sum (if any) depends a lot on the accident itself.

For example, you shouldn't assume that your rates will increase after a single accident, and if the accident was not your fault or did not cause major property damage, your premium may not change.

Depending on the state you live in, minor property damage caused by a wrongful accident ($1,000 to $1,999 property damage) can range from $1 per year in one state to $300 per year in others.

A wrongful accident that causes $2,000 or more in property damage can cost $300 to $600 more per year than a driver with an impeccable record, while a wrongful accident that results in injuries can cost $400 to $400. 800/year or more.

Two accidents in one year that cause $2,000 or more property damage can increase your rates by $1,000 per year or more, while three accidents in one year consider you a "serial accident" - which could mean your rates will be higher can than double that of a driver without wreckage.

When it comes to speeding tickets, some insurance companies such as B. State Farm, their rates may not be as strong compared to other smaller companies.

How much your rates increase varies from company to company.

For example, just one speeding ticket would typically result in a $100-$150/year rate increase.

Two speeding tickets can make your rate go up a little more, although in some cases the penalties for first offenders are stiffer (to deter repeat offenders).

Three or more speeding tickets can add up to $200 to $1,000 a year.

However, it is in everyone's best interest that you drive safely and courteously, so try to put your foot in front!

What does the State Farm Collision Damage Waiver cover?

Comprehensive coverage helps in the event of loss or damage to the insured vehicle - damage not caused by collision or rollover.

Typically this could include things like bad weather (wind, hail, flood), fire, theft, vandalism or damage caused by an animal being hit and is subject to a deductible.

Higher deductibles mean lower premiums, but the amount you would pay out of pocket is higher, so you must strike a good balance between the rate you are willing to pay and the coverage included.

Does my State Farm Insurance cover a rental car?

With State Farm's rental car and travel coverage, the rental refund covers the cost of renting a replacement vehicle while yours is in the shop.

State Farm is an insurance company that generally extends coverage to your rental vehicle, but you may want to consider additional insurance through the rental agency, which adds an additional layer of protection to your existing policy.

What about State Farm Canada insurance or State Farm Mexico insurance?

If you are crossing the US border into Canada as a non-resident tourist, your State Farm auto insurance (and all US-based auto insurance policies) will cover you while in the country.

To maintain State Farm auto insurance in Canada, you must contact your agent to obtain a Motor Vehicle Liability Card / Canada Interprovincial Insurance Card, which is available at no additional cost and can avoid liability if you are arrested. by a Canadian police officer being pulled over and not having proof of insurance.

In other countries, like B. Mexico, insurance is not as easy, so you might want to get State Farm Mexico temporary insurance that covers things like liability insurance, legal advice, travel/towing expenses, and medical insurance.

If you are traveling abroad, you should discuss your travel needs with your agent, who can recommend specific procedures depending on your intended visit.

Does State Farm offer GAP insurance?

GAP insurance or Asset Protection Guarantee is an optional insurance that provides financial protection if your vehicle is totaled or stolen and the insurance claim does not cover the remaining principal of your loan.

While State Farm does not offer GAP insurance, they do have a similar product called Payoff Protector® and this will reverse the difference between how much your auto insurance will pay out in the event of a total loss and the principal amount you owe on the vehicle loan (subject to certain limitations).

For example, Payoff Protector® covers all insured vehicles that are eligible for State Farm Bank vehicle finance.

There are no restrictions on loan amount, loan term or mileage and there are no coverage limits per household.

Please note that Payoff Protector® is not an insurance product and is automatically included with every new vehicle loan promissory note issued by State Farm Bank.

What does the State Farm Items policy cover?

A personal items policy helps cover your most prized possessions and personal belongings, and often covers valuables not normally covered by homeowners or renters insurance, such as:

  • Cameras
  • Collectibles (dolls, model trains, sports cards, comics, stamps and coin collections)
  • Computer equipment and software for personal use only
  • Plastic arts (Oriental rugs, paintings)
  • mice
  • Hearing aids and medical devices (insulin pumps, hearing implants, artificial eyes and limbs)
  • idiot
  • musical instruments
  • cutlery or silverware
  • Sports equipment

An item policy applies anywhere in the world. So if you z. For example, if you're traveling, your jewelry and cameras are covered (coverage for artwork is valid in the US and Canada only).

What is State Farm Umbrella Insurance?

A large insurance claim or litigation can result in significant financial hardship.

Even if you have car insurance, home insurance or boat insurance, it might not be enough.

A PLUP (Personal Liability Umbrella) policy can help provide additional liability insurance to protect your financial savings.

There is a $1 million minimum coverage and additional insurance can be purchased in $1 million increments.

A PLUP can provide liability protection against personal claims (honor libel, libel, libel).

If you are driving and cause an accident that could result in multiple injuries to other passengers, PLUP can step in and provide additional protection.

The same applies to damage to your property that also extends to your neighbors' property or to your own neighbors (for example, due to fire).

Does State Farm Insurance use credit scores?

It is very common for insurers to consider creditworthiness as part of their assessment of possible future losses.

State Farm typically analyzes a user's driving records along with other information (which may include certain items from a user's credit history) to obtain an overall view of their creditworthiness and risk.

Is the State Farm phone app easy to use?

State Farm offers a variety of apps for your smartphone or mobile device.

The most common is Pocket Agent®, which allows you to view your insurance card, make a claim, find an agent near you and access your State Farm Bank® account, among other things - available on the Apple App Store and Google Play for Android .

State Farm also offers additional apps such as CarCapture® powered by, which allows you to take a photo of a car you are interested in and provides resources, dealerships that sell that model, and car insurance quotes for coverage.

The Steer Clear® app helps young drivers (under 25) drive safer by rewarding and reinforcing positive driving behavior.

Users who complete the Steer Clear Safe Driver discount program may be eligible for discounts on their State Farm auto insurance.

Driver Feedback and Driver Feedback Instructor Edition help you evaluate your driving and offer tips (for parents and young drivers alike) to become better, more educated drivers.

The Drive Safe and Save™ mobile app calculates discounts on your car insurance by connecting to the supplied Bluetooth headlamp and an authorized smartphone.

It collects basic information about your driving and uses that information to calculate a discount on your car insurance premium.

Each of these apps is available for both Apple and Android devices and is very straightforward and easy to use - even for beginners.

What are State Farm's financial strengths?

To identify and reward reliable financial strength, there are several trusted rating agencies to provide reliable and unbiased ratings.

State Farm has A.M. An A++ rating from Best and an AA rating from S&P Global Ratings - both very high ratings from A.M.

Best focused exclusively on the insurance industry and S&P focused on ratings and credit research.

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How can I contact a State Farm agent?

Getting a quote for State Farm auto insurance and contacting a local representative in your area are the first steps you should take to fully evaluate this comprehensive insurance for yourself.

You can use the Pocket Agent® smartphone app or the State Farm website to find an agent near you.

You can still filter your search by products/services offered by State Farm.

Many insurance companies, such as State Farm, offer competitive quotes to help you choose the best products and services to suit your needs, lifestyle and budget.

We encourage you to get a free, no-obligation quote to start the process and learn more about which insurance company is right for you.

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Introduction: My name is Rueben Jacobs, I am a cooperative, beautiful, kind, comfortable, glamorous, open, magnificent person who loves writing and wants to share my knowledge and understanding with you.