Tristen's 2023 NFL Mock Draft in 2023 (2023)

Tristen's 2023 NFL Mock Draft in 2023 (1)

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The NFL divisional round is this weekend, but that doesn't mean it's not time for mock drafts. Rather than trying just a first-round exercise, I'll start with a two-round prediction of trades. There will definitely be surprise names here that are sure to rise in the coming months and I predict that too. Let's jump into it:

1 – Indianapolis Colts (via Bears): QB Will Levis, Kentucky

foals receive: 2023 1st overall pick

the bears receive: 2023 1st general (4th), 2023 2nd round (35th), 2023 5th round, 2024 1st round, 2024 3rd round, 2025 1st round, 2025 5th round ° roundabout

Chris Ballard got it this offseason, but he won't make it much longer if they can't fix a QB problem. Levis is a surprising starting pick overall, but it's clear the Colts like their taller quarterbacks with a strong arm (Nick Foles, Matt Ryan, Carson Wentz) and that trend continues with Levis. He's not the most polished quarterback, but in 2021 under an NFL-caliber scheme and coach Levis he's looked good. Colts get their guy and it will be an interesting development track to watch

2 – Texas de Houston: QB Bryce Young, Alabama

The Texans got lucky and got the guy they probably would have picked overall. There are concerns about Young's size and weight, but he has an NFL-caliber arm, mobility, and pocket awareness. Texans are a mess, but I'm hoping Young can help change that.

3 – Arizona Cardinals: DT Jalen Carter, Georgia

The Cardinals receive what I consider the best player in the class, third overall. Carter is an elite pass-rusher who just pushes blockers out of line like nothing. He has an elite combination of power, muscle contraction, speed and strength that is something we almost never see in a prospect. The Cardinals need just about everything, but adding Carter helps their defense, especially the EDGE run.

4 – Chicago Bears (via Colts): EDGE Will Anderson, Alabama

foals receive: 2023 1st overall pick

the bears receive: 2023 1st general (4th), 2023 2nd round (35th), 2023 5th round, 2024 1st round, 2024 3rd round, 2025 1st round, 2025 5th round ° roundabout

The Bears trade and even get a premium pass. Anderson is not the elite prospect he claims to be and his preseason hype still holds him back now, but he is also a dominant player. The Bears' pass rush was close to fourth quarter in the league this season and Anderson should help improve that.

5 – Seattle Seahawks: QB CJ Stroud, Ohio State

The Seahawks have Geno Smith and he's likely to re-sign, but if the board goes down like that, you need to get your franchise quarterback potential. Seattle doesn't have many needs and Stroud can sit for a year to develop behind Geno before taking over. He has the arm strength, accuracy and pocket mobility that teams covet.

6 – Detroit Lions: EDGE Tyree Wilson, Texas Tech

The Lions took the best of both worlds this season, nearly making the playoffs and having a top-eight pick. Wilson is a different force outside of EDGE. It can slide in too, has great stamina and a great first step. Wilson paired with Hutchinson would form one of the most diverse and dominant young passing duos in the NFL.

7 – Raiders de Las Vegas: CB Devon Witherspoon, Illinois

This is a shocking first pick, Witherspoon is not considered by most to be the CB1 of the class, but I can see him finishing first off the board. He is a lean physical defender who plays elite coverage against hits and runs. The Raiders' secondary was bad, really bad, and Witherspoon can help drive that.

8 – Halcones de Atlanta: EDGE Myles Murphy, Clemson

Murphy is a perfect fit for the Falcons, he's explosive and strong, as well as having the flexibility to run from a two-point or four-point position that Atlanta alternates. The Falcons' defense is talented, but another pass-rusher will help a lot. Ade Ogundji, Lorenzo Carter, TaQuon Graham and Matt Dickerson aren't exactly out of the picture.

9 – Carolina Panthers: WR Quentin Johnston, TCU

As one Panthers fan told me, you really can't go wrong with a pick, almost every position is a must. Johnston is the best receiver in the class. At 6-4, 210+, he has elite road running and deep speed with the ability to make most defenders lose their grip. With no clear QB option here, the Panthers surround their future man with DJ Moore and now Johnston.

10 – Philadelphia Eagles: CB Christian Gonzalez, Oregon

James Bradberry is a free agent and I don't think he's coming back. The Eagles also have a lot of outstanding free agents and little room to retain or bring in new players. In a pass-heavy NFC East, the priority should be the corner, especially with Bradberry replacing Josh Jobe. González is tall, fast and a rare athlete. He plays good coverage and is a very good prospect overall.

11 – Tennessee Titans: T Paris Johnson Jr, Ohio State

Taylor Lewan is likely to retire or be a drop in the salary cap, which leaves a huge hole. Dennis Daley had one chance this year and didn't show he could start. Johnson has LT and guard experience, both of which the Titans need, allowing them to plug him in and play. The 6-6, 320-pound allowed just one sack and 23 pressures on 814 attempts.

12 – Houston Texans: T/G Peter Skoronski, Northwest

The Texans got their franchise quarterback ten picks early, and now they get someone to protect him. Laremy Tunsil wants to reset the tackle market, and while it's worth it, the Texans aren't in a position to give him that contract right now. Tytus Howard is playing decently at right back, but he can always convert to guard. Skoronski is strong, athletic and agile, as well as having the ability to put himself on guard if necessary.

13 - New York Jets: T Anthon Harrison, Oklahoma

This is one of the real shockers. Harrison will rise quickly, he has a career pass blocking rating of 82.4 after allowing just 4 sacks and 28 pressures in 967 pass blocking attempts for the Sooners. Harrison is incredibly strong, athletic and has a massive body of 6-6, 324 pounds. The Jets have a mess at tackle and with Mekhi Becton possibly on the way out and George Fant a free agent, they will be looking to tackle the position.

14 – New England Patriots: CB Cam Smith, Carolina do Sul

The Patriots have drafted Jack Jones well and he looks like a future starter. The rest of his corner room is a mess now. Jonathan Jones is a pending free agent, and given the Patriots' philosophy of paying players, I doubt Jones will return. Smith is a physical defender who loves to cover the man and defend the run. He's 6-1, 190 with shooting skills, all of which the Patriots are looking for.

15 – Empacadores de Green Bay: WR Jordan Addison, USC

Will the Packers pick a receiver in the first round? Probably not. Will I continue to tease them as a first-round receiver? Yes. Addison is elite, he dropped after transferring to USC, but he still showed the same game traits he showed in Pittsburgh. He is explosive upon capture, roams elite lanes, and moves extremely well in space. Assuming Rodgers returns, he'll love talking to Addison and Watson.

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