Usman Khawaja steals the show from teammates in classic acceptance speech (2023)

Usman Khawajaprovided the highlights of the night in AussiecricketAwards with touching tributes and burning burns handed out to his teammates during a typical Khawaja speech.

The 36-year-old marked his international rebirth by beating newly named Shane Warne Men's Test Player of the Year at 1020 runs at 78.46 during the polling period.

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He also received the Community Champion Award for his work as founder of the Usman Khawaja Foundation, which provides education and cricket opportunities to children from disadvantaged communities, with a focus on recent immigrants and refugees.

Last week, Khawaja was also named in the ICC Men's Test Team of the Year alongside Australia teammates Pat Cummins, Nathan Lyon and Marnus Labuschagne, capping his glittering return to Test cricket which began in Test from Sydney last year.

But it was his time in front of the microphone that he will be best remembered tonight.

"I'll start by congratulating everyone on the team," he said during his acceptance speech.

“I think there have been superb performances – Marnus, Smudger (Smudger), Patty Always, Gaz (Nathan Lyon), the number of wickets you've taken this year is incredible. I was a little better I think.

"Just kidding guys, I had to get this out."

The veteran then switched gears and delivered some of the most touching family tributes of the night.

"To my wife Rachel - you are the rock. You know how much I love you," he said.

"When I was released in 2019, you gave me unconditional love. I get emotional when I think back to a very difficult time in my life.

"You loved me when I played for Australia, you loved me when I played for Queensland, even when I was a clubbie playing for the Valleys - you gave me unconditional love.

“You love Usman Khawaja as a person, not Usman Khawaja the cricketer – and I really owe you for that. I wouldn't be here now without you.

"To my mum, I'm sure you probably would have seen her in the stands. She's the scarf lady who always panics every match I play. She still thinks it's my first test match - Mum I played 50 matches I'm 36 years old, relax. Please enjoy the game. I love you so much. I hope you enjoy the next little part of the journey.

"To my dad who is an absolute cricket tragedian. You made the biggest sacrifice of all for us kids. We lived a very good life in Pakistan, we felt good. with nothing - so that we children would have a better life.

"For that I will always be in your debt and forever grateful for allowing me to be in Australia and represent the Australian cricket team.

"Who knows, if you had never moved I might have gone to the PCB Awards and won an award... Probably for best all-rounder because my offies would have been devastating out there!"

Khawaja returned to the Sydney Test squad last year when slugger Travis Head was unavailable with COVID-19, opening a door for the veteran to compete in what he believes will be the last Test.

He seized the opportunity with both hands, making hundreds in a row in the match and forcing the selectors to keep him on the sidelines and hasn't looked back since.

"I honestly thought this game at the SCG... could be my last game. I played it like my last game," said Khawaja.

"It's funny when you play with that mentality of how things can really work out. I was just worried about getting off the ground and getting the process right and trying to win the game for the team. Life is so funny sometimes."

As Khawaja delivered his thanks and tributes, the notoriously restless Labuschagne was clearly fed up with his teammate's time in the sun and appeared to taunt Khawaja. But Khawaja immediately countered.

"This is my time. When the People's Champion speaks, don't rush the People's Champion, okay?" Khawaja joked with a laugh.

And he hasn't forgotten the fans either.

"The Volkschampion have the fans to thank," he said.

Steve Smith won the Alan Border Medal, the highest total in men's cricket, while Beth Mooney won the Belinda Clark Medal, the women's equivalent.

But Smith still believes he has room to improve his game at the highest level, even after winning a record-breaking fourth title.

After the 3-2-1 votes were tallied by players, referees and media, Smith (171 votes) comfortably beat out Travis Head (144) and David Warner (141) to join Ricky Ponting and Michael Clarke for the most. of victories.

The award was the culmination of Smith's decision to recalibrate his hitting technique, an overhaul he considered in 2019.

Smith reaped the rewards during the Test summer at home, posting an unbeaten 200 against the West Indies, his highest Test result for three years. He backed up with 104 in his home Test at the SCG against South Africa and has averaged 71.92 in friendlies over the last 12 months.

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But Smith said he wasn't content to stop there.

"I hope there's more to come," he told reporters.

"It's what I fight for every day, to be the best player I can be.

“I've made some adjustments over the last six months. It took a while, I had to sort out some things.

"It started to work well for me. Hopefully I can keep improving.”

Mooney received the Belinda Clark Award for the second time with 129 votes.

Despite an extended leave, Meg Lanning finished second with 110 votes, all-rounder Tahlia McGrath third with 95 votes.

Averaging 100.75 in 10 ODIs last year, Mooney was a crucial member of Australia's Commonwealth Games campaign to win the gold medal and her triumph in the ODI World Cup campaign, where she was named in the Team of Tournament.

Mooney was also named ODI Women's Player of the Year after hitting a career-high 133 in her most recent ODI to help Australia end their home series against Pakistan cleanly.

Her breakout year came after she suffered a serious net injury that jeopardized her Ashes World Cup and ODI campaigns last summer.

Mooney's injury required surgery to insert three metal plates into her face and forced her to be on a liquid diet, but she miraculously recovered a few days later to play in the Ashes.

"You don't play cricket to win these awards or for personal accolades, you play for team success and we certainly had a lot of them this year and it was amazing to be a part of that," said Mooney.

"Given the start of the year, I didn't think I would play much after that incident."

David Warner was named ODI Men's Player of the Year, while Adam Zampa was overlooked in the nomination despite being named in the ICC ODI Team of the Year. Marcus Stoinis named T20I Men's Player of the Year

Full Award Winners

Belinda Clark Award – Beth Mooney (129 Stimmen)

2º: Meg Lanning (110)

3.: Tahlia McGrath (95)

Medalha Allan Border – Steve Smith (171 Stimmen)

2.: Travis Head (144)

3rd place: David Warner (141)

ODI Women's Player of the Year - Beth Mooney

T20I Women's Player of the Year - Tahlia McGrath

Shane Warne as Male Playtester of the Year - Usman Khawaja

Men's ODI Player of the Year - David Warner

T20I Men's Player of the Year – Marcus Stoinis

International Player of the Year – Annabel Sutherland

National Men's Player of the Year – Michael Nesser

Betty Wilson Young Cricketer of the Year - Courtney Seppel

Bradman Young Cricketer of the Year - Lance Morris

Community Champion Award - Usman Khawaja

Woolworth Cricket Bowler of the Year - Mabel Tovey

Introduzido no Australian Cricket Hall of Fame - Marg Jennings e Ian Redpath.

-Meet the AAP

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